Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s Worst Marriage Nightmare Reportedly May Happen With Alleged Shocking Drug Video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have faced rumors for months that their marriage was in danger after his hospitalization and her terrifying Paris robbery. Recently, however, it seemed as if Kim and Kanye had succeeded in turning their lives around, with reports that Kardashian and West were looking forward to welcoming their third child via surrogate to the family.

But the nightmare-like days of Kim’s fears for Kanye’s health problems that led to his hospitalization may not be over. A new report describes a video showing drug use, reportedly filmed in the days before his marriage, as well as leaked emails.

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage At Risk?

The situation, according to Radar Online, is West’s “nightmare,” with the allegedly secret videos reportedly holding the potential to “destroy his marriage.” The information about the alleged video was reportedly revealed in leaked emails. Kardashian’s husband was reportedly filmed in the days leading up to his hospitalization. But according to Radar, it isn’t just Kanye who may be facing a nightmare situation.

“Kim Kardashian’s worst nightmare could become a terrifying reality.”

Although the publication did not note whether West was aware that he was being filmed, there are allegedly more than 20 hours of shocking video footage that could be leaked. The video camera reportedly captured Kanye throughout the days prior to his breakdown and hospitalization last year.

Is Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s worst nightmare about to come true? [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Kanye West Worried About Kim Kardashian Marriage?

Radar Online also reported that Kim’s husband is worried about the situation. He allegedly fears what could happen if the video goes public.

“[Kanye West is] terrified that the video could be leaked.”

The publication obtained leaked emails that were exchanged between West’s lawyers and his tour insurers. In those messages, the rapper’s team reportedly noted that the video footage could be harmful if viewed. Radar quoted the team as admitting that the filmed sequences could “hurt his career” and “more importantly, destroy his marriage.”

$10 Million Lawsuit

Kardashian’s husband filed a $10 million lawsuit against the insurance company Lloyd’s of London. The lawsuit alleged that the insurance company had declined to pay claims that resulted from the rapper’s tour cancellation.

In April of this year, a mediation statement quoted Kanye’s attorney Howard King as saying that the underwriters’ lawyers were allowed to see video footage of the rapper in the days prior to his health problems, according to Radar.

“[Lawyers were allowed] to view more than 20 hours of video taken of Kanye…[that] graphically depicted the deterioration of his condition and mental breakdown.”

In an era where reports of leaked videos, photos, and emails involving celebrities make headlines almost daily, West declined to send the video to the insurance headquarters. King reportedly explained the reason for the rapper’s refusal to deliver the physical copy of the video to the Lloyd’s of London’s U.K. headquarters.

Kanye West’s lawsuit reportedly has resulted in leaked emails and video footage sparking drug use allegations. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for EDITION]

“[He feared] that a public release, intentionally or inadvertently, might hurt his career and, more importantly, destroy his marriage,” said the attorney according to Radar.

Drug Allegations: Percocet, Marijuana, Valium, Demerol, 2CB

In place of the delivery of a physical copy of the video, a paralegal reportedly traveled to London to see the footage. The viewing visit allegedly cost more than $10,000. Radar reported that Kardashian’s husband talked about drug use in the footage.

“[He] made outrageous claims in the footage, including ‘this is all about drugs, bad drugs,’ and…’popping Percocets two at a time.'”

Moreover, the leaked documents reportedly list the drugs that Kim’s husband allegedly took in the days leading up to his breakdown.

“According to claims in the leaked documents, West ingested a drug cocktail of liquid marijuana, Ecstasy-related party drug 2cb, anxiety pill Valium, and powerful painkillers Percocet and Demerol in the days before his public meltdown,” reported Radar.

The legal situation continues to play out, and the publication quoted insiders as alleging that Kim and her husband are “struggling to communicate” as a result of the stress.

New Lawsuit Filed

TMZ reported that a new lawsuit, filed by Lloyd’s of London, alleges that West isn’t getting paid because the insurance company feels that the breakdown was in part the result of illegal and prescription drug use. Kanye’s attorney Howard King told TMZ it’s a standard response.

“[It’s] the same generic response Lloyd’s files when they don’t want to honor a legitimate claim but can’t find a factual basis.”

In its counter-suit against West’s Very Good Touring, the insurance company alleges that he did not provide the details needed to show whether his losses should be covered after his Saint Pablo Tour cancellation. Although Lloyd’s does not allege specifically that Kanye used drugs, it reportedly does claim that he did something related to the policy exclusions regarding the use of substances.

At this point, the legal battle is between West and Lloyd’s. While the rapper is suing the insurance company for $10 million, Lloyd’s is responding by asking the judge to rule that it does not need to pay anything.

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