Duggar Family News: Jim Bob Gives Michelle Duggar A Heartfelt Birthday Greeting, Calls Wife His ‘Treasure’

If there’s one thing definite about Jim Bob Duggar, it is the fact that he is the undisputed leader of his family. As such, when it comes to birthday greetings for his 19 children and his growing lineup of in-laws, it is usually Michelle who writes and expresses their well-wishes. Now that it’s Michelle’s turn to celebrate her birthday, however, Jim Bob Duggar made a very real effort to put into words his appreciation for his dedicated wife.

In a rare, lengthy, and surprisingly heartfelt message to Michelle, Jim Bob expressed his gratitude to the Duggar matriarch. According to Jim Bob, Michelle is a “gem” and a true “treasure” to him, worth far more than any earthly riches he could ever acquire. The Duggar patriarch also expressed his gratitude to God for granting him the privilege of having such a dedicated partner. Seemingly sharing his genuine feelings towards his wife, Jim Bob stated that he could not believe the blessings he has received.

“Michelle, you are a gem and a true treasure, much more than the things of this earth! You are my Proverbs 31 woman. I am thankful to God every day that He blessed me with someone as wonderful, kind, sweet, romantic, and loving as you. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that He would bless me so immensely.”

Jim Bob then went on to list everything he is thankful for with regard to his wife. Needless to say, the Duggar patriarch’s words were refreshingly humble and sincere, and it all but showed that he was indeed grateful for having such a dedicated wife.

“I am thankful to walk beside you each and every day. I am thankful that many years ago, you said ‘Yes!’ to me and we have followed after God together. I am thankful that you allow me to lead our family and you support me. I am thankful for each of the little conversations we have. I am thankful for the time you set aside just for us!

“I am thankful that we are parents and grandparents together. One day, we will be great grandparents together, too! I am thankful for the hard-work you put into everything you do, from teaching the kids to working at each of our endeavors. You are a Godly woman, full of grace and wisdom.”

Considering the fact that most of Michelle’s adult life was spent being pregnant and delivering her and Jim Bob’s 19 children, Jim Bob’s gratitude to his wife definitely seems well-placed. It takes a special woman, after all, to go through as many pregnancies as Michelle.

It’s not just JB either, as the other Duggar children have also expressed their thanks to their mom on her special day. In the Duggar family’s official website, several of the Duggar children posted birthday greeting videos to their mother.

Among the Duggar children who greeted Michelle, many Duggar fans were surprised and somehow disturbed to find Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, greeting the Duggar matriarch. Just like Jim Bob’s greeting, Josh’s birthday message to his mom was heartfelt and seemingly genuine.

What do you think about Jim Bob’s greeting to Michelle? Do you think his words are sincere, or is he just giving his wife some lip service? Sound off in the comments below!

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