‘Supernatural’ Season 13 Spoilers: Show Recasting Fan Favorite Long-Dead Characters

Supernatural Season 13 spoilers have been rolling in as the fan favorite TV series gets ready to make its return to The CW on Oct. 12. The show, which has been through so many storylines, will seemingly now be resurrecting more characters when it returns this fall.

According to TVLine, Sam and Dean Winchester may have gotten their mother, Mary Winchester, back from the dead, but it seems she won’t be the only surprise return to the series. The show has killed off many favorite characters in the past, including Sam and Dean’s father, John Winchester, their mentor, Bobby Singer, their grandparents, Samuel and Deanna, their half-brother, Adam, and many, many more. Now, some of those characters may be set to return with a brand new look.

Supernatural Season 13 executive producer Andrew Dabb recently revealed that some characters will be returning to the series, and that they will not necessarily be recognizable. Dabb says that some characters will come back in different bodies and fans can’t help but wonder which long-dead characters may be returning to the series.

It doesn’t seem right to bring John Winchester back in anyway but with original actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. However, Morgan is currently appearing as super villain Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, Supernatural has aired a younger version of John from time to time. Another dead character who is likely to return is Crowley. Although Crowley died in the Season 12 finale, the demon/King of Hell could likely return in a different form.

In addition, Supernatural could be bringing back some demons, who would be in different bodies as well. Meg, Azazel, Ruby, and Abaddon are all fan favorite bad guys, who could be making a big return to the show in Season 13.

No matter who returns, it seems that Sam and Dean will have their hands full during Supernatural Season 13. They’ll be busy taking care of Lucifer’s spawn, and doing it all alone as Mary and Lucifer are in an alternate universe and Castiel and Crowley have been killed off.

What are your thoughts on the latest Supernatural Season 13 spoilers? Who would you like to see return to the show?

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