‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 109 Spoilers: Jiren The Gray Stronger Than Son Goku, Beerus & Belmod?

Spoilers are out for the next three episodes of Dragon Ball Super and fans already know that the two strongest fighters, Son Goku of Universe 7 and Jiren The Gray of Universe 11, in the Tournament of Power will finally face each other in episode 109. The latest spoilers revealed that Goku will be using Kaioken x20 but he still doesn’t stand a chance against the Pride Trooper. Is Jiren the mortal who’s stronger than a God of Destruction?

Ever since the Tournament of Power started, everyone is keeping an eye on Jiren The Gray, who’s considered the strongest fighter of Universe 11. When Toppo saw Goku’s full power in an exhibition match, he already envisioned Jiren beating the ace of Universe 7, leaving DBS fans wondering how powerful he really is.

There’s one instance in the Tournament of Power where Goku had the chance to test Jiren’s strength. However, Toppo interfered and used Justice Flash against Goku. Luckily, the long wait is over for DBS fans as the much-awaited battle between Goku and Jiren will finally happen at Dragon Ball Super Episode 109.

According to the summary of the episode, the strongest fighter, Jiren, will approach Goku. The Pride Trooper will finally unleash his conserve energy and overwhelm Goku and the remaining fighters in the Tournament of Power.

After seeing a massive amount of Ki, Goku will surely rush to Jiren’s location to fight him. Goku will turn into Super Saiyan Blue and use Kaioken x20. However, even with the transformation, Goku still doesn’t stand a chance against Jiren, forcing him to use the Spirit Bomb. Goku’s trump card could be still not enough to defeat the enemy which could lead to his next transformation.

Is Jiren Stronger Than A God Of Destruction?

Dragon Ball Super fans are surely surprised that Jiren can easily beat Goku’s SSB Kaioken x20. A Youtuber named TheGamingChronicle speculated that Jiren is the mortal who’s stronger than the God of Destruction. While the Universe 7 team was gathering fighters, Goku asked Whis if they could easily win the Tournament of Power.


Whis didn’t give an assurance since he has no knowledge of other universes. However, he told them that there is a universe where lives a mortal that even the God of Destruction can’t defeat. The God of Destruction of the said universe is stronger than Beerus.

TheGamingChronicle believes Whis is referring to Jiren of the Universe 11. Whis must be talking about a fighter who’s competing in the Tournament of Power and as the latest spoilers revealed, Jiren is considered the strongest fighter. Toppo, a candidate to become the next God of Destruction, is evenly matched with Goku and he stated that Jiren is far beyond stronger than him.

The evidence detailed in his video could prove that Jiren is really the mortal who’s stronger than Belmud and Beerus. However, DBS fans will need to wait for two more episodes before seeing Goku vs Jiren in live action. Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 entitled “Revenge F! The Cunning Trap Is Set?” will air on Sunday morning in Japan and will be available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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