‘Clash of Clans’ Update: Supercell Promises To Fix Matchmaking Algorithm, But Fans Are Not Impressed

One of the reasons why Clash of Clans is one of the most prominent mobile games on the market is the fact that it is always being improved by its developer. Over the past few years, Supercell has changed so many aspects of the mobile title that its current iteration almost seems like an entirely different game.

Just recently, Supercell rolled out what could only be described as the mobile title’s most prominent update in years. Dubbed the Builder Base update, the patch enabled gamers to access an entirely different base using a boat. One of the features that headlined these new changes is the War Matchmaking System, which is designed to balance out players that are battling against each other.

According to Supercell’s official press release, the War Matchmaking algorithm is designed to ensure that gamers who are playing against each other are evenly matched. The feature not only took into account the Town Hall levels of participating gamers, but it also looked into players’ “total weight” in terms of offense and defense.

Unfortunately for Clash of Clans players, the new feature was heavily flawed, and players began complaining in earnest about the game’s War Matchmaking algorithm, which caused the matches to become significantly unbalanced. Since then, Supercell has taken initiatives to tweak and fix the system.

Just a few hours ago, Supercell issued an announcement through its official Twitter account thanking gamers for providing feedback on the War Matchmaking system. The developer further assured its player base that the feature would be refined as soon as possible.

Despite Supercell’s assurance, many CoC players remained unimpressed. According to many aggravated players, the War Matchmaking feature is still horribly flawed. Some called out the developer for raising false hopes among players. Others were more critical of Supercell, threatening the developer that they would leave the game if the feature does not get fixed.

“Don’t raise hopes of players supercell. You also know that you are not fully focusing on match making. Just fake Hype of improving,” wrote one disgruntled CoC player.

“The matching is worse! We get maxed TH10s for maxed TH9s! Fix it, or I am not gonna play war anymore!” wrote another.

Considering Supercell’s reputation of being a hands-on developer, there is a good chance that the game’s War Matchmaking issues will eventually be addressed. It might not happen overnight, but constant updates and improvements are a landmark attribute of Clash of Clans and Supercell. Thus, it would likely be only a matter of time before things settle down, and the matches are fair.

Clash of Clans is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available as a free download on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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