Kate Middleton Had To Convince William To Have Third Child, Hints At Baby Gender

The excitement about a third expectant royal baby for Kate Middleton and Prince William continues, and new details about Duchess Kate’s pregnancy are constantly being made known, thanks to various insiders and sources close to the royal couple.

The latest claims have been made that Middleton had a bit of convincing to do when it came to getting Prince William on board to have a third child. There were a number of reasons as to why Kate wanted a third child, one of which includes the fact that she is one of three children and would like to mirror her own loving family by having another.

Many had believed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would stop at two children. Even close confidants and aides at the palace were taken by surprise, as Express relays, by the couple’s baby announcement. Apparently, however, Middleton was always of the mindset “never say never,” when it came to the topic of more children. An insider relays details about the couple’s views on more children.

“Kate always wanted more than two children, it was William who needed to be persuaded. As one of three, Kate wanted at least three. William was more reluctant, not just because he was one of two, but because George was quite a difficult baby.”

The source goes on to add that after Kate and William had Charlotte, who was reportedly a much “easier baby” to care for, the couple began to realize that maybe another newborn would not be so difficult to manage.

Additionally, many thought the couple would not try for another, due to the severe morning sickness that Middleton suffered throughout both previous pregnancies, known as hyperemesis gravidarum. Unfortunately, this pregnancy has been no different, and Duchess Kate has needed to cancel a number of royal engagement due to her severe illness.

A spokesperson for the palace relayed last evening that the duchess “remains unwell,” and is being cared for by her mother, Carole Middleton, at home. Although unwell, sources say that Kate is still keeping up an appetite and is indulging quite frequently in spicy foods.

The Daily Star notes words of an insider who reminds that when expectant mothers crave citrus foods, the gender of the baby is often a girl, yet when spicy foods are craved, this often means that a boy is on the way.

Perhaps there is a new royal prince on the way to round out the adorable family of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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