Candice Bergen Wore ‘Free Melania’ $33.99 Shirt On ‘WWHL,’ Said Trump Was A ‘D*****’ On Their Date [Video]

Candice Bergen and President Donald Trump are both 71 years of age, with both celebrities enjoying 1946 birthdates. However, when Candice was an 18-year-old college student and went on a date with a burgundy-clad Trump (who was dressed in a burgundy three-piece suit, burgundy boots, and arriving in a burgundy limo), things didn’t go so swimmingly between the teens. That’s what Candice revealed on Watch What Happens Live, as can be seen in the below video from Yahoo.

Bergen donned a sweatshirt that read “Free Melania” in white script across the front as she spoke to Andy Cohen about her date with President Trump more than 50 years ago. Although Candice admitted that Trump was a good-looking guy, Bergen also called Trump a “d*****.” Candice said that their date ended early and that there was “no touching whatsoever” on their date. According to the Daily Mail, the “Free Melania” sweatshirt that Bergen wore sells for $33.99. There are also hoodie and T-shirt versions of the “Free Melania” clothing. The “Free Melania” phrase became popular on President Trump’s Inauguration Day, when a video went viral that featured First Lady Melania Trump smiling at her husband, then appearing sad when he turned away.

Candice rose to fame as the star of the sitcom Murphy Brown, but is gaining newfound fame for her bold choice to wear a “Free Melania” shirt on TV. Bergen was joined by Reese Witherspoon in the segment, as a short quiz was given about Candice’s date with Trump. Reese stated that she already knew the answer to the question – and that it was true that Bergen went on one date with Trump many moons ago.

Bergen has supported Hillary Clinton for years, including her campaign for her 1999 New York Senate run. However, it was Candice’s 1964 brief date with Trump that stole the spotlight on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live segment, including the “Free Melania” sweatshirt. It was the evening of Wednesday, September 13, when Bergen spoke about her date with President Trump when the teens both attended the University of Pennsylvania. Bergen stated that Trump phoned her in the dorm to go on a dinner date.

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Candice made sure to note that there wasn’t any chemistry with Trump, despite what the Daily Mail reports that Trump said in 2015, when he was the first to reveal his date with Bergen, and alluded to the notion that there may have been something more than an innocent date between the two. Bergen wore the “Free Melania” sweatshirt all date while promoting the movie Home Again.

“No, I was home very early. There was no physical contact, whatsoever.”

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