Here’s Why John Cena Will Miss Next Week’s Episode Of ‘Raw’

Next Sunday, John Cena and Roman Reigns will battle for the first time in a singles match at ‘No Mercy.’ A lot has been said between the two men over the past several weeks. Their rivalry has been an intense war of words, yet they haven’t exchanged blows. Instead, both men have won hard fought matches against Jason Jordan on Raw. However, John Cena also had his first match against Braun Strowman on Raw this week.

“The Monster Among Men” is preparing for his own match with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Title at WWE No Mercy. With Cena facing Reigns, neither man could afford to take the loss. The match came to an end when Strowman planted Cena on the steel steps to force a disqualification. Since Monday, Cena has been selling his injuries and it appears that he will be missing the go-home edition of Monday Night Raw.

It has been reported that John Cena has to fulfill some other commitments next week and he’s expected to miss Raw as a result. The spot with the steel steps was used with Strowman to explain Cena’s absence next week on Raw, but it also provided an additional boost for Braun to brag about taking out Cena only a week before WWE No Mercy. As of this writing, it’s unclear what WWE officials have planned for Roman Reigns.

Braun Strowman Laid Out John Cena On the Steel Steps
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John Cena has done more than enough work on the microphone to sell his match with Roman Reigns. It’s been reported that WWE officials have some concerns about Cena overshadowing Reigns during their feud, but next week could give Roman the opportunity to say anything he wants without a retort from Cena. With all that has been said, it might be a good idea for Roman to have the final words heading into ‘No Mercy.’

John Cena Mouthed Off to Baron Corbin During Their Match at WWE Summerslam
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There is some speculation about John Cena’s movie career forcing him to take even more time away from WWE shortly after WWE No Mercy. It’s being said that if Cena defeats Reigns next Sunday, their rivalry is going to continue until Roman goes over because WWE officials want to improve his dynamic with the fans before WrestleMania 34. Over his feud with Roman, Cena has done his part to sell the match. Now, it’s up to the two stars to tell a great story in the ring and let the WWE Universe do the rest at WWE No Mercy.

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