Julie Chen Takes A Pay Cut For ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ What We Have Learned About The Show From This

A week ago, Julie Chen made the announcement that Big Brother fans would have a chance to tune in for a celebrity edition this winter. Since then, the information for the newest addition to the Big Brother franchise has been hard to dig up information on. There simply hasn’t been a lot of information released.

Earlier this week, CBS did release the names of the first six contestants. From the names on the list, the Celebrity Big Brother house will be diverse and interesting, to say the least. There is no word yet on who else they may be working with to enter the game or exactly how long the season will be.

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Julie Chen had a slip of the tongue when she revealed that she was taking a cut in her pay for the winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother. She is married to Leslie Moonves, CBS chief. Julie said that he didn’t ask her to take the cut, he told her to. His reasoning was the season would be shorter than the normal 90-day range. If the season is shortened, she couldn’t expect the same pay. Her husband told her to let her lawyer know that “Everyone’s taking a haircut” on this first season. Turns out that Julie’s attorney is her brother-in-law, John Moonves.

Once fans learn more about the plans for Celebrity Big Brother, it will be possible to figure out some answers. There are always two parts to the winter season — before Christmas and after the New Year. The game would have to begin very soon in order to be completed before the holidays. Of course, exactly when it would have to begin depends on how many houseguests they are starting the season with. Rumors tell us that the season is expected to be much shorter than what is played in the summer. Right now we are just waiting for information.

Are you excited about Celebrity Big Brother and a winter season? Who are your dream houseguests? How long do you think the season will be? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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