Steven Mnuchin Asked For $25,000/Hour Air Force Jet For Louise Linton Honeymoon To Scotland, France, And Italy

Louise Linton, the 36-year-old wife of 54-year-old Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, recently received lots of backlash when Linton clapped back at an Instagram user who criticized Louise’s use of a government plane and hashtags bragging about designer labels. Now Linton and Mnuchin are back in the hot seat due to Steven’s request of a U.S. Air Force jet that Mnuchin wanted to use to fly him on his honeymoon with Louise to Scotland, France, and Italy, according to ABC News. Steven making such an expensive request was deemed unusual and sparked an inquiry into the matter. The Air Force reported that the jet could have cost approximately $25,000 per hour in operation costs, and as such, the written request from Steven was denied by Treasury Department officials.

With news breaking of the request by Mnuchin to take his then fiancee Louise, a Scottish actress, on their honeymoon using taxpayer resources, outrage is being displayed online. Mnuchin’s request is being called one that goes against common sense — and now Steven’s previous travels are being reviewed, including recent trips to Louisville and Fort Knox, Kentucky. There are questions over whether or not Mnuchin made a trip to watch the solar eclipse with Louise, an accusation that Mnuchin’s office has denied. Instead, Steven claimed he attended tax reform meetings. Linton’s travel costs will be reimbursed.

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The ironic nature of Mnuchin’s request to use a government jet for the honeymoon travel with Louise is that Linton made fun of the Instagram user by mocking her and asking if she thought the couple had used a government plane for their honeymoon trip. Mnuchin reportedly wanted to use an Air Force jet to maintain secure communications during the trip. However, the use of an Air Force jet was not deemed necessary in order to maintain secure communications. Such use of military jets by politicos generally involve “extreme” situations, not honeymoon trips.

Meanwhile, Mnuchin and Linton are the ones being criticized on social media, with critics saying that the duo are allowed to pay for whatever expenses they would like with their own money, but should not expect U.S. taxpayers to fund a Hollywood lifestyle.

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