‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: September 13 Episode Recap, Surprise Eviction Time

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the September 13 episode begin with the fact that it was time for a surprise eviction. In order to get the BB19 cast down to the final three, producers needed to have two more eviction ceremonies this week. It meant that not only would there be an eviction on Wednesday night, but another one during the normal eviction night for the show (September 14). This Episode 36 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, September 13, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

To recap what had taken place to this point, a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers had been presented on the last episode of the show. Josh Martinez won the Head of Household after Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Kevin Schlehuber helped him to get the power. He went with the obvious nominations of Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber, meaning one of the two people would go home unless Josh decided that it was time to try to backdoor Paul. It would all depend on the Veto Competition and who might control the Power of Veto.

The episode opened with host Julie Chen letting the BB19 cast know that an early eviction was about to take place. It was then time to do a little bit of a flashback to what had taken place before Julie Chen made her announcement. While these Big Brother 19 spoilers had been evident on the CBS live feeds, they hadn’t been shown to the television audience yet. Most of it revolved around the reaction that Alex Ow had after getting placed on the block with Kevin Schlehuber. She decided she would try to trick Josh into thinking she was sad.

At the Veto Competition, Christmas Abbott wasn’t allowed to play because she wasn’t medically cleared. The challenge itself was involving the Big Brother comic books, where each contestant would ride a zip line past a window of comics. They then had to remember how the comics inside the window were set up and duplicate that in a secondary display. The winner would be the BB19 cast member who could complete it the quickest. Kevin took 45 minutes, Josh was at just about 25 minutes, Alex was just over 14 minutes, and Paul took about 12 minutes.

With the Power of Veto in hand, Paul Abrahamian took back the power in the BB19 house. This meant that he could go with any plan he wanted, no matter what Josh Martinez wanted to do as the Head of Household. Alex Ow was acting very confident in the Diary Room sessions she had, showing that she felt pretty safe with Paul in control of her fate. What happened at the Veto Ceremony might be the most notable Big Brother 19 spoilers for the entire episode.

Paul Abrahamian pulled Alex Ow aside before the Veto Ceremony to tell her that he wasn’t going to use the Power of Veto on her. He told her that he felt it was the only way that he could become the Big Brother 19 winner this season. Alex was pretty destroyed by that piece of news, as she started to see that she was about to become the next member of the BB19 jury.

At the Eviction Ceremony, Christmas Abbott voted to evict Alex Ow and Paul Abrahamian voted to evict Kevin Schlehuber, creating a 1-1 tie that had to be broken by the Head of Household. Josh Martinez then voted to evict Alex, sending her out the front door in a huff. During her interview with Julie Chen, she expressed her anger over the way that Paul had played this summer.

Before the September 13 Big Brother 19 episode came to an end, it was time to start up the latest Head of Household Competition. One person would be guaranteed a spot in the final three by winning it. Only Paul Abrahamian, Kevin Schlehuber, and Christmas Abbott participated for the power. Paul Abrahamian ended up winning and takes control of the BB19 house again. More Big Brother 19 spoilers could appear on the live feeds in the next 24 hours, so fans will want to get the site up and running.

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