‘BB19’ Finale Night Is When Jessica Graf Said She Would Make An Announcement, Jody Jr Or Another Reality Show?

Big Brother 19 viewers haven’t seen Jessica Graf since her eviction from the house. She was the last one to be sent home before the sequester of the jury house began.

Jessica Graf has been very active with fans on social media. She tweets to fans and jokes about the countdown to the finale of BB19 so that she can be reunited with Cody. There is a large group of fans that are very supportive of the showmance, dubbed Jody, and are excited to see them as a couple in the real world.

In August Jessica had taken to Twitter to tease her followers. She tweeted that she had some news she couldn’t wait to share. This was on the heels of a pregnancy rumor that began when she was still in the BB19 house. She and Cody had talked about a possible pregnancy and had even gone so far as to discuss baby names. Cody had wondered if production would let him know if she took a pregnancy test and it was positive. Since leaving the BB19 house, in all her tweets and posts, there have been no further clues.

Of course, the news of a confirmed pregnancy is a possibility, it isn’t the only possibility. Fans are talking on social media to ponder what else the announcement might be. Some believe the two have been asked to join the Amazing Race. Both Cody and Jessica are athletic and would be a good fit for the show.

Another possibility that is being discussed at length by fans on social media is an engagement. After all, Cody has already said he plans to marry Jessica. She has let the world know that she feels the same. One or both of them may be planning to make it official during the live finale on Thursday night.

Whatever the big announcement, Jessica Graf has not responded to our questions at the time of this article. Either she is keeping a tight lid on the big news, or something has changed in the last month since she put fans on notice for the announcement.

What do you think Jessica Graf has planned for BB19 fans? Do you think Jody will be joining another reality show together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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