‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar And Josslyn’s Romance Sparks, Is Joss’ Suitor Connected To Someone In PC?

The newest kid on ABC’s General Hospital is Oscar Nero, who is just a little smitten with Josslyn Jacks. He came to Port Charles without much of a background. The only thing that is known so far about this young man is that his mother works a lot and he seems like a well-mannered, likable boy. However, first impressions can always be deceiving on daytime television. Is Oscar just a boy who has a crush on Joss, or is there more to him that viewers will get a glimpse of soon?

Co-head writer Shelly Altman gave Soap Opera Digest some tidbits that are coming up this fall, and it looks like Joss and Oscar’s young romance will continue to bloom in the weeks ahead. However, she also teased that there may be something more to this boy that fans will soon learn about coming up on General Hospital.

The two young lovebirds shared their first kiss on the PC bridge on Wednesday’s episode. They are getting closer than ever. Oscar doesn’t seem to be the least bit scared off by his girl having a mobster for a stepfather. In fact, that may just be a little bit suspicious right there. Most young guys might run the other way or at least think twice before they date the stepdaughter of a mobster.

General Hospital fans have been trying to figure out if this kid could very well be related to someone in Port Charles. Since he is getting close with the Corinthos family, some viewers have vocalized that maybe Oscar could be Sonny’s child, possibly with his old flame, Brenda Barrett.

There is also another rumor going around that Josslyn’s new boyfriend could possibly turn out to be Sonny’s grandson instead. Could Oscar really be Dante’s son? That would certainly throw Lulu into a tailspin. If Oscar is connected to another General Hospital character, does he know it yet?

There are many questions that need to be answered about Oscar Nero, especially who his mother is. Every time his mom is mentioned, Oscar says that she is working. Carly even said that she will eventually be contacting his mother to let her know who her son is really dating. She has not been seen yet, but there is a new character arriving soon. Her name is Rose Caldwell and she will be seen on September 20. No one yet knows who she is. Could she appear as Oscar’s mother?

Of course, Steve Burton’s return is slated for September 19, so Rose Caldwell could have something to do with that as well. Another rumor floating around on social media among General Hospital fans is that Steve’s character, whomever he may be, will turn out to be the father of Oscar. That may be a long shot, but that has been mentioned as well.

One thing that is known for sure at this point in time is that Oscar and Josslyn are growing close and General Hospital spoilers tease that they will have their challenges this fall as they both have their first crack at romance. Oscar could always be playing Joss just to get in with her family for some reason. After all, Nelle Hayes did the same with the Cornthos family.

Is Oscar really as nice as he seems to be or will he end up being someone else entirely? Keep watching General Hospital this fall to find out if there is something more to this boy.

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