‘GTA Online’ Motor Wars Bonuses Extended, Smuggling Missions Worth Double Cash This Week

Until September 18, players can earn double cash from the new smuggling missions in the online mode for Grand Theft Auto V. Certain bonuses from last week’s promotions for GTA Online are still live this week, and several discounts are available for this week only. Not to mention, a new car is now available from the Legendary Motorsport vendor.

The new Air-Freight missions introduced in the latest update to GTA Online are currently paying out double cash. Players that own a hangar and complete smuggling missions introduced in the Smuggler’s Run update can earn double the profits from sell missions. These missions are also worth double the RP than normal according to the game’s website. To get started, players will need to purchase a hangar as a CEO, VIP, or biker president. After interacting with Ron, players can start buying and selling cargo for major profits.

For those looking to improve their air superiority, a few discounts may be of interest. Countermeasures are 25 percent off inside players’ Hangar Workshops. Aircraft engine and armor upgrades are also 25 percent off for this week only. Other discounts include 25 percent off the Truffade Nero, the Pegassi Tempesta, car engines, and car armor upgrades.

Players must have a hangar to complete smuggling mission. [Image by Rockstar Games]

The extra cash and RP bonuses for completing Motor Wars is sticking around for another week, too. As the Inquisitr reported, GTA Online players can pick up double cash and experience payouts from the new adversary mode. The Motor Wars mode features up to 28 players being dropped into a shrinking area where they must for weapons and weaponized vehicles to defeat the other team.

Any stunt race content created by Rockstar is worth double the normal payout until September 18 as well. Additionally, bodyguards and associates helping VIPs and CEOs this week will earn double their normal salary for aiding their clients. A new Premium Stunt Race and Time Trial are also included in GTA Online this week, of course. The Stunt Race “Big M” only allows the use of motorbikes while the Time Trial features the “LSIA” map.

Visit the Legendary Motorsport website in-game to purchase this car. [Image by Rockstar Games]

Players can also pick up a new vehicle from Legendary Motorsport. The new Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic is now available. The Sports Classic car features two doors and comes with an $885,000 price tag in GTA Online.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]

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