iPhone, Smartphone Tips: When To Buy And Sell, According To YouTube’s ‘PhoneDog’ Aaron Baker

People all over the world who love to be the first to get the newest technology can hardly contain their glee with the recent announcement of the iPhone 8. Now, all they have to do is decide whether to get the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, or iPhone X and, of course, figure out how to afford this pricey device. Amid all this excitement, people are stuck taking stock of their existing devices and wonder, “What should I do with my old phone/tablet etc.?” Well, Aaron Baker is a tech journalist and expert from Dallas whose work on PhoneDog‘s YouTube channel has yielded 9 million views, and he has some tips.

The first thing that he touches on is how quickly a brand new device suddenly becomes old and almost instantly loses value upon leaving the store.

“Generally speaking, from a new perspective, it is a couple of months because the cycle is so fast in tech. Every couple of months there is a new device coming out,” said Aaron Baker, who is also a tech expert from HSN and Decluttr. “Traditionally there are two launch periods for tech devices: March and September.”

According to Baker, the best time to buy devices is in the fall and sell them in the late winter or early spring.

Many of our homes have become graveyards for old electronics, but some of them actually have value. For those who don’t want these items to junk up their homes, there are options. Some choose to donate them to charitable organizations, but others sell old devices to not only make room, but also get the money necessary to make tech upgrades.

Aaron Baker spoke with Michelle Tompkins for the Inquisitr about new smartphone technology, why there is a slower depreciation rate for Apple products, what to do with old technology, when to buy and sell, what are some of the best devices for those who like non-Apple products, what are some new trends, how many unused devices the average American has in their home, how Decluttr can help you sell your old devices so you can buy new ones, and more.

See full interview below:

Additional tips and ideas available at Decluttr’s official website.

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