Jon Gosselin’s Mom Speaks Out, Makes Huge Accusations Against Kate

Jon Gosselin’s mom is speaking out and making huge accusations against Kate. Jon and Kate don’t get along at all, and it looks like Jon’s mom isn’t a fan either. In Touch Weekly shared what Jon’s mom had to say about Kate. On August 15, Jon and Kate had a pretty big custody dispute, and he has been saying that he wants the custody of the children but can’t afford to fight her. Jon and Kate haven’t been able to work through their issues since their divorce.

Jon’s mother is in shock over how big of a deal this was, and she can’t believe it. Jon’s mom explained that she witnessed it herself, so she knows exactly what happened. The police were there, and they allowed Kate to take Hannah with her. His mom said that Kate doesn’t think anything is wrong with her at all, but his mom thinks she needs psychological help. Of course, Kate would never agree to that at all.

Another thing that Jon Gosselin’s mom shared is that Hannah told her that Kate makes the kids chant about Jon, saying, “We will not visit Jon.” They didn’t even call him daddy but instead used his first name. His mom also said that when Hannah went back home, Kate told the kids not to speak to her for a bit to teach her a lesson. The older girls don’t even really talk to Jon from what he has said, and when the younger kids show up, they get off the bus, and he never knows which kids he will be getting that day.

It turns out that Jon and Kate’s custody has been changed a bit and that now Jon can’t see the kids as much as he did. A source shared these details saying that he didn’t get to see Hannah at all for 30 days. Right now, Jon and Kate are both staying quiet about any changes in their custody arrangement, but fans would love to hear the details from them.

Are you shocked to hear what Jon Gosselin’s mom has to say about Kate? Do you feel like Jon and Kate will ever work through their issues? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Kate Plus 8 when it returns to TLC.

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