Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Go Ice Skating For The First Time

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo experienced another first in their marriage this week: they went ice skating!

As In Touch Weekly reports, the Counting On stars posted on social media on Tuesday, September 12, about their outing to an ice skating rink.

“Took my man ice skating ? for the first time ever! He was great!”

It’s not clear, as of this writing, which particular ice skating rink the couple visited. As People reported earlier this year, the couple make their home in Laredo, Texas (population: about a quarter of a million people). You wouldn’t expect ice skating to be a popular pastime in the Texas border city, particular in these hot summer months. But as it turns out, there are at least two ice-skating rinks in the city. The Laredo Energy Arena offers ice skating on certain days throughout the year. There’s also Xtreme Ice Rink at the city’s Mall del Norte.

It’s also not clear if Jinger has ever been ice skating before; although she mentioned that it was Jeremy’s first time ever ice skating, she didn’t mention her own experience with the activity. And back in northwest Arkansas, where Jinger grew up, there are a handful of ice skating rinks, according to Google.

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Since marrying Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger has become something of a rebel when it comes to the rest of her family’s strict values, particularly when it comes to personal appearance. The rest of the Duggar women, and women who marry into the family, generally strict to “modest” attire when it comes to dress and appearance. And in this context, “modest attire” means not wearing pants, and instead wearing ankle-length dresses. Exposing elbows, knees, or shoulders is a big no-no. What’s more, shoes must be sensible and not attention-getting, as should the rest of their clothes.

Jinger seems to have said “no thank you” to all of that. She’s been spotted wearing pants, or even dresses that expose her knees!

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One rumor even holds that Jeremy and Jinger even use contraception, according to In Touch Weekly, a lifestyle choice that goes against everything her conservative parents and siblings believe in.

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