Kelly Dodd Makes Shocking Claim About Meghan King Edmonds’ Business

The gloves are off between former friends Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds. On an earlier episode this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, it was revealed that after filming for Season 11 finished but prior to the reunion show, Meghan and Kelly exchanged text messages that alleged infidelity in the other’s marriages. Both women admitted to what happened and the fact that the exchange led to them not being friends for a while. Yet, they did become friendly enough later to not mention the matter at the reunion show and for Kelly to visit Meghan in her home to meet her new baby earlier this season.

The reconciliation, however, was brief; the friendship again deteriorated after Meghan brought up the text message exchange in front of Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Lydia McLaughlin during what had been a fun night out, prompting Kelly to retaliate by yelling that Meghan should be at home taking care of her baby instead of getting into drama with her and the other women.

Since then, both Kelly and Meghan have lashed out at one another on social media and on their blogs. Now, Kelly has taken it one step further by making a shocking claim regarding Meghan’s candle business. In response to one viewer who tweeted that Meghan’s husband, Jim Edmonds, probably prefers Meghan to not be on the show and that Meghan just might be using the show to promote her candle business, Kelly claimed that the candle business isn’t even really Meghan and Jim’s. According to Kelly, the candle business is actually her friend’s business, and she’s just a less than a 1 percent investor in it. Kelly added that Meghan making it seem on the show that she has a candle business is just “another thirsty storyline.”

Meghan immediately responded to Kelly’s tweet. Meghan told Kelly that she’s never surprised by her “vitriol” and “jealous hate.” Meghan added that her candle lines are very successful and that she will gladly tell more about it if asked.

Last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan King Edmonds proclaimed that she and Jim Edmonds were now in the candle business. They were shown going through candles, sold via K. Hall Studio, in their home. In one episode, Meghan threw an opening party to celebrate K. Hall Studio’s new location in Newport Beach’s Fashion Island shopping complex. On Meghan’s personal website, it states that she’s the Product and Retail Development Specialist for the Newport Beach K. Hall Studio location. It also states that she has her own candle and personal care line at K. Hall Studio, named The King Collection. At that time, when Meghan and Kelly were still friends, Kelly complemented Meghan on the store opening, saying that she knew it was going to be successful given Meghan’s background in merchandising.

On Monday night’s episode, Meghan broke down crying after Lydia McLaughlin said that she understood why Kelly Dodd was so upset with Meghan. Lydia gave her opinion that Meghan first texting Kelly the question “I heard you have a boyfriend” was just as bad as Kelly texting in return “Your husband is having an affair on you. Just thought you should know.” Lydia pointed out that they both questioned the other’s marriage. Meghan was adamant that what Kelly did was worse, as she sent that text when Meghan was seven months pregnant. Meghan was so upset by Lydia “taking Kelly’s side” that she pretty much yelled that she should have stayed home breastfeeding her daughter rather than go on the hike with Lydia.

As the episode aired, Meghan once again defended herself by proclaiming that she’s not mean like Kelly.

On the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show, Meghan King Edmonds and Kelly Dodd sat next to one another, and Meghan helped defend Kelly from the criticism of Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge, and Heather Dubrow. It seems that on the Season 12 reunion show, however, it’ll be Meghan vs. Kelly.

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