‘One Piece’ Chapter 878 Recap, Review: Pedro Survives Explosion? Luffy Drags Katakuri Inside The Mirror World

One Piece Chapter 878, titled “Mink Tribe, Guardians Chief Pedro,” featured the continuation of the battle between the Strawhat Pirates and the Big Mom Pirates. The Thousand Sunny has finally been freed from Charlotte Perospero’s power, but they are surrounded by lots of battleships as well as Yonkou Big Mom. Will the Strawhat Pirates escape?

Pedro’s Past

One Piece Chapter 878 started with a flashback of Pedro, who decided to sacrifice his own life to let the Strawhat Pirates escape. Pedro and Zepo, two of the remaining members of the Nox Pirates, infiltrated Big Mom’s territory to see her poneglyph. Upon their arrival at Totto Land, the two minks found out that Pekoms, a former crewmate, joined the Big Mom Pirates.

Pedro and Zepo failed with their mission and suffered a massive defeat. Using her power, Big Mom took away 100 years of Zepo’s life, leading to his quick death. The lady Yonkou was about to kill Pedro next by taking away 70 years of his life, but Pekoms managed to convince her to reduce the sentence. Instead, Pedro lost an eye and 50 years of his life.

It was revealed that Pedro was just 27 when they sneaked in the enemy’s territory. Charlotte Perospero escorted Pedro on his way out of their territory and told him that he turned 77-years-old after receiving the punishment. Perospero asked Pedro if the meaning of “nox” in Nox Pirates refers to the night.

Pedro made it clear that for him, the exact meaning of “nox” is the “dark before the dawn.” The mink was extremely inspired by Lord Oden and Gol D. Roger during his younger years. Roger’s last word on them was “Everyone, sooner or later, gets their own time to shine!” In the middle of One Piece Chapter 878, a shadow of Pedro showed up, hinting the possibility that he survived the explosion.

Strawhat Pirates Escape; Luffy Goes Inside The Mirror World With Katakuri

After the explosion, the Strawhat Pirates are finally able to use coup de burst to escape. Luffy ordered his crew to set aside their emotion and focus on escaping. The Strawhat captain said that Pedro’s sacrifice will be wasted if their escape plan will not be successful. Big Mom managed to reach their location and bit the rear of the ship. However, with the power of the booster, they flew up in the sky and escape.

Katakuri, who’s also aboard the ship, tried to stop them but Luffy grabbed and dragged him inside Charlotte Brulee’s Mirror World. Before going inside the Mirror World, Luffy called his crew one by one and vowed to return. Luffy broke the mirror connecting him and the enemies to the Thousand Sunny. This will prevent the enemy from chasing his Nakama, but it will force him to fight one of the sweet commanders.

Luffy might have felt that he needs to defeat Katakuri to make sure that they can successfully escape Big Mom’s territory. It will be very interesting to see if Luffy is able to learn a new technique or finally unlock “awakening.”

One Piece Chapter 879 Predictions

One Piece Chapter 879 is expected to be the continuation of the battle between Luffy and Katakuri. One Piece fans at reddit.com are intrigued to see more of Katakuri’s power. As most people think, Luffy will win the fight no matter what. However, it remains questionable how he can manage to return to his crew.

In the One Piece forum, Solace1 speculated that after beating Katakuri, Luffy will find Sanji’s location inside the Mirror World. Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon are currently making the wedding cake that will stop Big Mom from her tantrums. Using Brulee’s power, they can easily deliver the wedding cake to Big Mom and escape from the Whole Cake Island.

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