‘BB19’ Showmance Battle: Raven Walton Says Her Showmance With Matt Clines Is The Only One That’s Real

Big Brother 19 spawned three showmances, but were all of them the real deal? In an interview with Us Weekly, recently evicted Big Brother player Raven Walton said her relationship with fellow houseguest Matt Clines was “something special,” and she seems to think it was the only “real” romance on the CBS summertime reality show.

Raven and Matt hooked up early on in the Big Brother 19 house, as did couples Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson and Elena Davies and Mark Jansen. Now that all three couples are out of the Big Brother game, Raven Walton says her showmance is the one that really mattered.

“We just clicked on many different levels,” Raven said of Matt.

“He wanted to know everything about my disease, he was there to console me when I wasn’t feeling well and he’s one of the best humans I’ve ever met. We were together in the house for 72 days. We couldn’t get enough of each other. We looked at each other like we were cake!”

Raven went on to predict that her relationship with Matt will outlast the other two Big Brother couples.

“Jessica and Cody fought all the time!” Walton said.

“We were just the real showmance. We honestly liked each other a lot. We had to be around each other. I think Matthew and I will be a couple outside of this house.”

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Raven Walton previously told Entertainment Weekly that she has already made plans for her life outside the Big Brother house with her reality TV boyfriend.

“We have a pretty bright future,” Raven told EW of her future with Matt.

“We’ve made plans to travel already too. I think that Maven will have a future. We’re attached at the hip and connect on so many levels.”

Matt Clines threw away his Big Brother game for Raven, a move that host Julie Chen questioned in her exit interview with him. Matt told Julie he made the decision by Week 3 to give his game to Raven, saying that after everything she’s been through as a person and everything she stands for, it just made sense to him. Matt also confirmed that he plans to continue his romance with Raven in the real world after Big Brother wraps. Matt revealed that he will accompany Raven to get her first tattoo and that they will also go on a California tour.

“We’re definitely going to hang out,” Matt told the Hollywood Reporter of his future with Raven. “We have pretty cool plans set up, and we’ll see what happens!”

While Raven Walton and Matt Clines claim their showmance was the real deal, the first evicted showmance star, Jessica Graf, may beg to differ. Out of the three Big Brother showmances, Jessica and Cody were the only two players who didn’t get to reunite in the Big Brother jury. While she hasn’t seen Cody Nickson for a while, Jessica told Us Weekly that her relationship with her Big Brother beau is solid—and she even called out Matt and Raven as the fake ones.

“Matt and Raven are 100 percent a showmance,” Graf told Us. “They’re not going to be anything outside of the house. They’re just using each other.”

Do you think any of the Big Brother 19 showmances will make it in the real world?


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