Jessa Duggar’s Knees Get Censored On ‘Counting On,’ Jinger Duggar Wants Her Sister To Move To Texas

Jessa Duggar might want to consider going pants shopping with Jinger after filming the season premiere of Counting On.

During the September 11 episode of the Duggar family’s TLC series, Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, took their two young sons to Texas to visit Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo. The tots were both young enough to sit in their parents’ laps during the flight to the Lone Star State, but Spurgeon’s squirming and screaming had Jessa wishing that she’d purchased an extra seat for the energetic little boy.

She was filmed struggling to keep Spurgeon on a blanket that she had spread out on the floor of the plane, and some Counting On viewers noticed something curious about the scene: Jessa’s knees were temporarily censored using a blur effect. The moment can be seen in a short video clip of the episode.

“What was the point of blurring out Jessa’s knees momentarily in the video? Immediately the next moment she’s sitting the same and her knees are showing the same and they didn’t blur it out.” read a comment on the Duggar Family Blog. “Meanwhile, ben’s knees were showing the same way the whole time and there’s no attempt to blur out his knees. Why the double standard?”

In an old TLC blog post, Michelle Duggar explained why she believes that women should wear skirts that cover their knees. Her preference is based on a passage in the Bible.

“And we don’t judge anyone that doesn’t have this perspective, but for us, we felt like we needed to be covered from our neck to below our knees mainly because God talks about the thigh being uncovered, and how that’s nakedness and shame.”

Michelle also encourages her daughters to choose skirts and dresses over pants and shorts because she believes that they define themselves as women by wearing “feminine apparel.” However, sometimes pants do a much better job of covering up knees than skirts, as evidenced by the image below. Even though Jessa’s knees were blurred on Counting On, they are visible in the Facebook photo. Jinger Duggar is wearing pants, so she’s showing a lot less skin than her older sister.

It’s unclear why Jessa’s knees would be blurred on Counting On when she obviously has no issue with them being photographed, but this isn’t the first time that the body parts have been censored for TV. In 2015, a Twitter user noticed that Jill Duggar’s knees were blurred on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting. She was getting a pedicure, and being in a seated position with her legs bent had caused her skirt to slightly slide up her thighs.

Jinger Duggar wore a polo dress that exposed her knees on the season premiere of Counting On, but her legs weren’t censored. She’s become more comfortable wearing shorter hemlines since getting married, and she’s the first Duggar daughter to incorporate jeans into her wardrobe. None of her sisters have followed suit yet, but maybe she could convince her BFF Jessa to give rocking pants a chance if they spent more time together. Jinger and Jeremy are working on making this happen by convincing Jessa and Ben that they should move to Laredo.

“Yeah, we’ll let you live in the basement. That’ll be fun,” Jeremy quipped while they were discussing the topic.

“Jinger and Jeremy are always asking us, ‘When are y’all coming down to Laredo? When are y’all moving down here?” Jessa later told the Counting On cameras. “You never know. We’re not set on staying here forever… If we were to be called somewhere else, then we’d pack up and move.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if the Lord answers Jinger Duggar and Ben Seewald’s prayers by sending Jessa Duggar and her family to Laredo.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]

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