Ryan Gosling Admits He Regrets Having Given Up Ballet When He Was Younger

Over the years, Ryan Gosling has proven his dancing abilities more than once. However, while the actor might have shown off plenty of his moves in his role in La La Land, there is one thing that the actor regrets when it comes to dancing. In a recent interview, Gosling admitted that he actually regrets having given up ballet lessons when he was younger.

According to Esquire Magazine, for an upcoming interview for the October issue of The Red Bulletin, Ryan Gosling admitted that when he was younger, he took ballet classes. However, he was unable to really get to a point where he felt comfortable with what he was doing. In fact, the actor said, “it was a struggle” for him when it came to the lessons.

Ryan Gosling shared that as a child, he was given the option to take ballet, and while he did take the lessons for a while, he “thought it was too girly.” It was this thought that led him to not spending the kind of time he feels he really needed to and should have. However, now the actor really wishes that he had taken that time to learn ballet when he was younger.

While talking about ballet lessons, Gosling said that he feels that “it can bring such a benefit to your life.” Although the actor may have given up on the ballet lessons in his youth, this is not the first time he has talked about his ballet past. In 2011, while speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Ryan Gosling actually revealed that he still took the occasional class.

It seems that rather than taking private classes or lessons, the actor actually has chosen to take public ballet classes. Gosling said that even with the classes he is “terrible” at ballet. He said, “everyone is good except for me.” In fact, at the time he said that he is so bad that the instructor has to pull out a special barre for him to use when they do the barre portion of the lesson, because of just how bad and “unflexible” he is.

Ryan Gosling with his ‘La La Land’ costar, Emma Stone. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

While Ryan Gosling may still take ballet classes at times, as Fox News shared, the actor has a good reason for not spending too much time on lessons. As the father of two daughters with partner Eva Mendes, the actor has his hands full with his family and work. Ryan Gosling even said that being a father changes everything in a person’s life, and it is the “greatest thing that has ever happened” to him. Although Ryan Gosling may not be able to take as many ballet classes as he might potentially want, fans of the actor can still see him breaking out the dance moves in La La Land.

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