‘BB19’ News: Is Christmas Abbott Close To Paul Abrahamian Because He Looks So Much Like Her Ex-Fiancé?

Fitness superstar Christmas Abbott is currently one of the final five cast members in the BB19 house, and throughout the season she’s become extremely close to fellow house mate, Paul Abrahamian. Some have questioned just how strong her feelings are for the bearded Big Brother veteran due to some of their actions and her candid statements made on live feeds.

Less than a year ago, Christmas announced her engagement to a man named Geoff Kercher on Instagram, according to the Barbell Spin. In the Instagram post, the couple appears completely in love and Christmas is showing off a brilliant engagement ring as she beams with joy. In addition, it cannot be denied that Paul shares a strong resemblance to Geoff.

It was clear, from her pre-season interviews and the manner in which she behaved upon entering the BB19 house in June, that Christmas was once again a single woman.

She seemed to immediately gravitate to Paul and over the course of the season has become very close to him. The two have been seen on live feeds cuddling, stroking each other’s hair, and Christmas has fervently supported almost every move made by Paul in the BB19 game, even when it is detrimental to her safety. In fact, Christmas’ Big Brother 19 strategy appears to be based around Paul’s.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after a late night live feed video in which Christmas laments about experiencing heartache in the Big Brother 19 house, it has been speculated that she has strong feelings for Paul, which may not be thoroughly reciprocated.

Even her closest ally in the game, Josh Martinez, has suspected that something more may exist between Christmas and Paul, as on Monday, he questioned them about being in a showmance. As reported prior by the Inquisitr, Paul roundly denied any sort of romantic relationship with Christmas, which she reiterated as Paul stroked her hair with her head in his lap.

Brent Wolgamott, live feed correspondent for RHAP, has noted that Christmas’ ex-fiancé could be Paul’s “twin,” which may be why Christmas has a fondness for her fellow BB19 cast mate.

Paul seems to have a girlfriend outside the Big Brother 19 house, who he’s referenced in live feeds as his “Little Burrito,” and his dedication to her appears to be strong. Thus, if Christmas has romantic designs on Paul, they are likely one sided and will probably result, at most, in a very strong friendship.

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