Canceled Shows 2017: ‘The Orville’ Could Already Be On The Ropes After Lackluster Start, Poor Reviews

The list of canceled shows in 2017 could have an early addition, with reports that The Orville might already be on the chopping block after a poor start and even worse reviews.

The Seth McFarlane project is billed as a live-action Star Trek spoof (that doesn’t admit any connection to the classic sci-fi series), but critics said it lacks the humor McFarlane has brought in his other projects and seems lost. It is not clear if the poor reviews impacted ratings for the show’s premiere, as Hurricane Irma knocked out the ratings center in Tampa and has delayed the reporting of ratings for the week, but the show has already lost any momentum it may have had through FOX’s promotion.

The Orville couldn’t even get help from non-television critics, with a review from tearing into the project.

“The bottom line is, The Orville needs to use more jokes that are clever and fewer of the sexual variety, to truly qualify for Star Trek-esque humor. Let’s hope MacFarlane had time to review the infamous whale rescue movie, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986), to get some tips on how to use Vulcan logic, pop culture and an awesome science-fiction series to really get audiences laughing.”

The poor reviews have already built up buzz that The Orville could be among the first shows canceled in 2017, and there were already signs even before the show premiered that it may have an uphill battle. As MoviePilot noted, FOX has a history of giving very little wiggle room for sci-fi series, often pulling the trigger on them quickly when they stumble out of the gate. In the past eight years, the network has dumped six sci-fi series after just one season and five more after two seasons.

FRINGE, which debuted in 2008, was the last sci-fi show from FOX to last more than two season. But before that, it is more than 20 years since Fox debuted a successful sci-fi series (with The X-Files debuting in 1993 and Sliders in 1995).

But The Orville could have a bit of help in staying off the list of canceled shows in 2017 — or, at least buying it a bit more time. FOX put considerable resources into marketing the show and likely will not want to abandon it before giving it a proper chance. And McFarlane may have some leeway given the success he has brought the network with The Family Guy and its series of spin-offs and other animated series. So the series may have a bit more time to win over fans — just how much remains to be seen, however.

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