‘BB19’ Fans Get Ready To Vote For America’s Favorite Player, Awarding The Third Place Winner $25,000

BB19 fans have tuned in all summer to watch the crazy antics going on in the Big Brother 19 house. The different personalities, the different game strategies, and the way Paul Abrahamian took control of the game. The time is almost here for fans to have a say and vote for America’s Favorite Player.

BB19 fans have watched Paul be the puppet master of the game. He has worked each of the houseguests individually and as duos. He draws them into his plan, has them execute it, and sits back to watch the fireworks. He feels like he has kept his hands clean and will stand a chance with the jury for a well-played game. Even fans that aren’t Team Paul have to acknowledge he has played a near perfect season.

Fans of BB19 will soon have the opportunity to cast votes for America’s Favorite Player. Fans on social media have weighed in, and a couple of names seem to be at the top of every poll. When Jessica and Cody were in the house, they were bullied by Josh at Paul’s instruction. Though neither of them really stepped up to play the game, only participating when they had to, it won them sympathy from fans. Though they were both evicted, fans remained solidly behind them for not following the herd and thinking for themselves.

Of Jessica and Cody, fans are leaning towards Jessica, according to Romper. She did tell Paul and the rest of the houseguests that she would never turn on Cody, who was the only one she trusted, to make them happy and save herself. Even Julie Chen had complimented her gameplay and had been Team Jessica.

Another name that has been consistent all season and in the polls is Kevin. His mobster mentality, his stories of the streets of Boston, his family stories, and his fatherly advice and words of wisdom have won over BB19 fans. Kevin has not been successful with competitions, but he has a great social game. Even during the verbal attacks and attempts at intimidation, Kevin has shown a strength of character that fans admire.

With the finale of BB19 scheduled for September 20, the voting for America’s Favorite Player should begin soon. There are two live evictions this week that will take the BB19 house down to the final three. With a special episode on Friday, it seems that Dr. Will Kirby’s visit with the jurors will be aired. That will also be the last show before the two-hour finale. At one of the next three shows, the announcement of the polls opening will be announced. When you are ready to cast your vote, you can do so by following this link.

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