‘GH’ Spoilers: Ava Jerome Struck A Deal With The Devil, Will She Change Her Mind Before Something Bad Happens?

Ava Jerome is on her way to Russia to get her face fixed on ABC’s General Hospital. Her face was badly burned in the warehouse fire and she has struggled since then to get on with her life. She was doing okay until a certain priest came into her life. Griffin Munro gave her some compassion and friendship when she needed it, but then he dashed her hopes of anything more than that. She has now made her decision that could change things for her. Will she really go through with it?

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had Ava Jerome making a deal with the devil. She finally signed on the dotted line to not testify against Valentin Cassadine in his case involving the death of Nikolas. In exchange, he is sending her to a secret facility in Russia to get her face redone. Ava just wants to be beautiful again, but it may cost her dearly. However, the previews for Tuesday that General Hospital posted reveals that she may just change her mind about having the surgery after all.

Ava Jerome was getting on with her life, with some encouragement from her daughter, Kiki. She also got to know Dr. Griffin Munro better these past few weeks. After spending some time with Griff, she started having some romantic feelings towards him, along with a few sexy dreams about him. However, there is somewhat of an obstacle in the way. Griffin is also a priest.

Although he isn’t an active priest right now, Griffin does take his vows seriously. After Ava decided to plant a sexy kiss on the handsome doctor, he backed away and told her that she had the wrong idea about their relationship. She was hopping mad after that and laid into him about giving people the wrong impressions, and then some. She had a lot to say and gave Griffin something to think about.

That confrontation with Dr. Munro gave Ava the incentive to move forward with getting her life back, and that includes her old face. She met up with a smug Valentin Cassadine and is now on a plane to the clinic.

The previews reveal that she is possibly feeling guilty about betraying Nikolas and his family. She is heard saying that she is making a terrible mistake. Can she back out of her agreement now? Valentin can be ruthless when he wants to be and now he has Ava Jerome right where he wants her. She is in a vulnerable state and he knows it.

General Hospital rumors are swirling that he may just want her gone permanently. He could have set it up to have her die on the operating table or make her disappear somehow. Fortunately, Griffin has found out that Ava is not going to St. Petersburg, Florida, for a spa treatment like Kiki thought. The Tuesday previews have him telling Kiki that her mother is headed to St. Petersburg, Russia. Will he follow her there and save her?

Ava may change her mind and head back to Port Charles before Griffin has a chance to save her. That won’t sit well with Valentin at all if she tries backing out of her signed agreement.

Do you think Ava Jerome will go through with her surgery to get her old face back? Be sure to watch General Hospital this week to see how she will handle both Griffin and Valentin.

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