‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen Is Now Being Sued By Uber Driver For Alleged Attack

Deadliest Catch star Captain Sig Hansen’s Uber woes are not over. After being arrested back in May for allegedly kicking an Uber car and spitting on an Uber driver, he has is now being sued by that very driver.

The incident occurred after a Norwegian Independence Day celebration in May. Sig, along with his wife June, his daughter Mandy, and new son-in-law Clark Pederson took an Uber driven by Waheed Lawal.

According to police reports, when Hansen discovered that he needed to pay for his Uber ride on his phone with a credit card and the driver refused cash, he became angry. Accepting cash is against Uber’s policy and Lawal was following company policy.

The obviously inebriated crab fisherman had become belligerent, and Sig allegedly spat on the back of the driver’s head. Then, the vehicle stopped and the party got out of the vehicle. Hansen then allegedly kicked the driver’s vehicle, causing damage.

The quartet reportedly took a different Uber home, and there the police sought the F/V Northwestern captain. Sig was then arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and property destruction. According to TMZ, the criminal case is still “pending.”

Despite Hansen’s apologies to the Uber driver, as well as to fans, Lawal is now taking the Deadliest Catch captain to court. Waheed Lawal is now suing the surly captain for assault and battery.

In addition, Lawal’s wife is also a plaintiff, “claiming loss of consortium.” The claim means that the couple is no longer having sexual relations because of the injuries incurred by Captain Sig Hansen in May.

A court date has yet to be set.

Although Sig Hansen is used to the big waves of the Bering Sea, he has recently had a turbulent personal life. In February 2016, Sig suffered a serious heart attack that doctors described as a widow maker.

Then, at the beginning of this year, Sig’s only biological daughter, Melissa Eckstrom, sued him for molesting her when she was a toddler.

Although Hansen dealt with these same accusations by his first wife over 20 years ago and was then acquitted, a law allowing victims to sue as adults was applied. Eventually, those charges were dismissed, again.

Then, during the most recent season of the Deadliest Catch, Sig experienced symptoms of another heart attack. Although he took himself off of the boat to seek medical attention, it appeared that nothing was wrong.


Fans now wonder if his health will make him decide to retire. Although Johnathan Hillstrand just completed his last season with a blaze of glory, many wonder if Sig has gone out on his last trip.

But not everything has been negative for Sig. His younger daughter Mandy married Pederson, and on Father’s Day, his oldest daughter, Nina, had a baby boy, Jaxsen. Both daughters were adopted by Hansen when he married his wife June. Although he does not have a relationship with his biological daughter Melissa, he is very close to Nina and Mandy, with the latter working on the F/V Northwestern on Deadliest Catch.

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