Ted Cruz Likes Adult Movie On Twitter With Woman Who ‘Vaguely Resembles’ His Wife, Heidi

Ted Cruz is in a bit of hot water after apparently clicking like on an adult movie clip posted to Twitter.

The strange content showed up on the Texas senator’s timeline in the early morning hours on Tuesday, setting off a firestorm online. Cruz has long painted himself as a staunch conservative Christian and finished second to Donald Trump in the Republican primary last year largely on the strength of his base among Christians. As the New York Post noted, Cruz once even supported a ban on sex toys.

That made his Twitter “like” that much more controversial and helped it go viral almost immediately. As the New York Daily News pointed out, Cruz has remained silent about the strange Twitter like, with his staff not immediately responding to a request for a comment in the early Tuesday hours.

The New York Post noticed something else a little strange about the video that Ted Cruz liked on Tuesday. As the report noted, one of the women in the video “vaguely resembles” Cruz’s wife Heidi.

Ted Cruz is no stranger to very public embarrassment. He was the butt of many of Donald Trump’s insults throughout the 2016 Republican primary, including a now-infamous shot in which Trump appeared to deride the looks of Ted’s wife, Heidi.

Cruz later suffered some unintentional embarrassment when cameras caught him eating a booger during one of the Republican debates, though unintentionally. As the disgusting close-up video showed, Cruz had a piece of snot travel from his nose onto his lip during the debate, where he inadvertently swallowed it.

Cruz’s Twitter like, whether intentional or not, had the internet buzzing on Tuesday morning. His name was the top trending term on Twitter, and many users took the opportunity to goad what they saw as Cruz’s hypocrisy.

Many opponents of Ted Cruz seemed to revel in the fact that his Twitter mistake went viral so quickly, garnering tens of thousands of tweets within minutes.

Others pointed out that Ted Cruz himself seemed oblivious, with the “like” remaining up for more than an hour.

It is also not clear if it was actually Ted Cruz that liked the adult movie on Twitter. Many politicians employ staff members to keep up their social media presence, and even prolific Twitter user Donald Trump has his staff plan out many of his tweets. It was not yet reported whether it was actually Cruz himself in charge of the Twitter account for the infamous like on Monday.

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