‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feeds To Go Down, Two Evictions This Week, ‘BB19’ Bonus Episode On Friday

Big Brother 19 spoilers pack a lot of information for this week. An important piece of BB19 news is that there is a bonus episode on Friday night (September 15). This will allow the production team and CBS to show even more events taking place inside the BB19 house as the days count down to the season finale.

The Big Brother 19 winner will get crowned on September 20, so there is very little time left to get the cast down to just two houseguests. In order to get to the end of the season, there are going to be evictions shown on the Wednesday and Thursday episodes this week. The CBS live feeds are going to get turned off at some point later on Tuesday (September 12) to begin taping the next Eviction Ceremony.

The network has been very coy with information about the shutdown, limiting the Big Brother 19 spoilers that are available for fans. It’s possible that the feeds could get turned back on Wednesday evening (September 13) after the episode airs on the West Coast, but it’s also possible that they could turn them off for a few days. Would producers and CBS really take the feeds away for several days without adequate warning for the online subscribers?

As for the BB19 cast members, once the first eviction takes place on Tuesday, the remaining four houseguests will start playing out the next week’s worth of competitions. The intent would be to lead into another Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (September 14). After that Thursday night episode and the latest eviction, the final three houseguests will start taking part in an endurance challenge. This will serve as Part 1 of the final HOH Competition, with the winner getting a spot in Part 3 to decide who ends up with the final power.

The possibility is there that many new Big Brother 19 spoilers could get leaked online as the next two evictions take place. The live feeds will get turned off in order to preserve some secrecy, which is something that has been done during past seasons, but there have also been times when information still came out. Fans will be looking all over social media for that BB19 news, as it will give information about which three houseguests are going to make it all the way to the end of the summer 2017 season.

There are roughly nine days left for the BB19 cast to get to the final two. It currently looks like Paul Abrahamian is still running the show and that nobody else in the house has been able to really stand up against the returning houseguest. Will Paul make it all the way to the end with a person of his choosing sitting next to him at the season finale? Or will someone else make some bolds moves and stake their claim as the Big Brother 19 winner to take home that $500,000 prize next week?

More specific information about the Big Brother 19 schedule can be found here in a previous report by the Inquisitr.

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