Who Is Ricky Santana, Tamra Judge’s Ex-BFF, Who Makes Big Claim About Eddie Judge’s Sexuality?

On tonight’s The Real Housewives of Orange County episode, a guest at Vicki Gunvalson’s 55th birthday party makes a shocking claim. In front of Vicki, Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, and Lizzie Rovsek, the man claims that he saw Tamra Judge’s husband, Eddie Judge, make out with another man. As it turns out, the man making the shocking claim has a very long history with Tamra and may indeed know a lot about her relationship with Eddie. He is Ricky Santana, who used to be such good friends with Tamra that he frequently attended parties filmed for the show with her, going all the way back to when she was still married to Simon Barney. He was even Tamra’s best man at her wedding to Eddie and as such was prominently featured on her wedding special, Tamra’s O.C. Wedding.

The preview for the episode shows Gretchen, sitting between Lizzie and Kelly, asking Ricky if he really did see Eddie make out with another man.

“Let me just make sure I understand what you’re saying. You’re saying you actually saw Eddie making out with another guy?”

Ricky confirms that’s what he saw.

“Oh yeah, yeah.”

Upon hearing Ricky’s words, the women’s mouths drop in shock and Vicki makes it clear that she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“What?! Wait, what?! What?!”

While Ricky used to be good friends with Tamra, he is now good friends with Gretchen. On Twitter, Gretchen proclaimed that Ricky knows where Tamra’s skeletons are buried.

It was actually Ricky Santana who drove Gretchen Rossi and Lizzie Rovsek to Vicki Gunvalson’s birthday party. Ricky posted a video that shows him driving as Gretchen and Lizzie sit in the back and Gretchen’s fiance, Slade Smiley, sits in the passenger seat.

Just what happened between Tamra Judge and Ricky? Back in September 2015, Ricky, in response to a viewer who asked why he’s no longer friends with Tamra, would only say that a lot happened between him and Tamra.

Ricky did, however, admit a few days prior that he and Tamra had a tumultuous friendship. He added that he “couldn’t do it anymore,” implying that it was he who ended the friendship.

Just a few months prior, in February 2015, Ricky, along with Vicki, actually visited Tamra to see her granddaughter, Ava.

As for how he became friends with Gretchen, Ricky explained that he reached out to her after he ended his friendship with Tamra in order to apologize for how he behaved towards her.

Ricky now seems to think that Shannon Beador, Tamra’s closest friend currently on the cast, should be wary of Tamra. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Gretchen and Shannon got into an argument during their joint Watch What Happens Live in September 2015, Ricky revealed that he showed Shannon a text from Tamra that said negative things about Shannon.

What does Tamra think of her former friend saying what he did at Vicki Gunvalson’s party, to Gretchen Rossi, her friend turned enemy, of all people and in front of the other housewives? Tamra thinks it was all a set up by Vicki, who last season spilled to Kelly Dodd that there were rumors about Eddie’s sexuality.

Ahead of the Real Housewives of Orange County episode, Tamra Judge paid tribute to her husband, Eddie Judge, who actually still follows Ricky Santana on Twitter.

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