Elon Musk’s Model 3 Master Plan Might Have Been Uncovered By A Tesla Fan

The Tesla Model 3 is a pivotal part of Elon Musk’s master plan to shift the world towards clean and renewable transportation. Since its reveal more than a year ago, the Model 3 was advertised as a mass-market EV that could provide all the benefits of a green car and all the value of a midrange ICE sedan. While this might be cool enough on its own, a Tesla fan has recently discovered what could very well be Elon Musk’s true master plan behind the Model 3.

In an extensive post on the Tesla Motors Club, an EV enthusiast named Alketi, a 25-year veteran of the electrical/software engineering industry, outlined several key points about the Model 3 that seems to suggest that there is more to the vehicle than meets the eye. First off is a program within Tesla’s software, unofficially dubbed as Autopilot HW 2.5.

Details about the program remain unknown, though Tesla enthusiasts believe that it is an upgraded form of the carmaker’s esteemed Autopilot program. Thus, Autopilot HW 2.5 would likely be the true form of Tesla’s full self-driving suite.

Considering that one of Autopilot HW 2.5’s primary features is a camera on the vehicle’s cabin, many Tesla owners realized that the software would probably be incompatible with several Model S and Model X variants. This, of course, resulted in many Tesla followers becoming frustrated, with many accusing Elon Musk of turning his back on his word.

The new software, however, perfectly fits in with Part Deux of Elon Musk’s master plan. Part Deux immediately picks up where the first master plan left off. According to the Tesla CEO, Part Deux is comprised of Tesla making efforts at promoting solar roofs to consumers, expanding its vehicle line to trucks, buses and other forms of transport, developing self-driving technology that is 10x safer than the average human driver, and last but not least, enabling drivers’ to earn money while they are not using their vehicles through ride-sharing.


While the Model S and Model X would most definitely gain full self-driving capabilities, the more enterprising side to Elon Musk’s second plan is something that seems to be specifically designed for the Model 3. The mass-market EV, after all, is built around full autonomy. Its minimalistic design is proof of this.

The Model 3 is a car that is designed to be fully controlled by software. This, would, of course, makes sense if the car is designed for ride-sharing. After all, the Model 3’s software could easily allow access to the car’s full suite of features such as its storage spaces and the like to its owners exclusively. Passengers using the vehicle for ride-sharing would most likely be able to ride the car for Point A to Point B, but apart from that, the Model 3’s compartments and everything else would likely be restricted to the vehicle’s owners only.

Clues about this system are already in place on the Model 3. The mass-market EV has an interior camera, which would enable owners to monitor their vehicles as they work. Once Model 3 owners need their car, all they need to do is summon the vehicle through Tesla’s dedicated mobile app. Tesla has already teased the huge role played by the carmaker’s mobile app recently, so these speculations seem to fall in line with the EV firm’s latest initiatives.


So what could Elon Musk’s real master plan for the Model 3 really be? It seems like the car would ultimately be the primary vehicle in a massive autonomous transport system initiative; a car that could function on its own, but is always available to its owner at a moment’s notice. The Model 3 could very well be the vehicle that would fully propel Tesla towards becoming a ride-sharing behemoth.

[Featured Image by Tesla]

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