Kate Hudson Blasted By Angry Moms After Saying That Having A C-Section Is The ‘Laziest’ Thing She’s Ever Done

Kate Hudson is in hot water with some angry moms after telling Cosmopolitan that the “laziest” thing she has ever done was have a C-section. Hudson, who poses as the cover girl for the October 2017 issue of the popular women’s magazine, answered the open-ended question as part of a Cosmo Q&A that accompanied her photo shoot. The Cosmo question posed was: “The laziest thing I’ve ever done,” to which Kate replied: “Have a C-section!”

Kate Hudson was immediately slammed for her comment about Cesarean sections, which are often medically necessary and performed as an emergency when a mother or baby is in distress or if labor is not progressing. Hudson made it seem as though having a C-section is an easy choice—or a choice at all— and her statement had many mothers up in arms.

Hudson’s Instagram photo of her Cosmo photo shoot was loaded with comments from irate moms who blasted the star’s insinuation that C-section is for lazy mothers. One commenter slammed Hudson for using her high-profile platform to make such an announcement about the childbirth method, while other women, including a woman who had five C-sections, called Hudson “entitled” for voicing such a statement, noting that the Hollywood star’s recovery from the procedure was likely aided by “an army of helpers.”

Hudson, who is a mom to two sons, 13-year-old Ryder and 6-year-old Bingham, has been vocal about her decision to have a C-section when delivering her first son back in 2004. According to People, Kate Hudson revealed that her early stage of labor was taking too long and her doctor was going to send her home, but she decided she didn’t want to go through a lengthy natural birth and the hassle of coming back to the hospital.

“I was going in to get induced because the baby was so big. Then my hips weren’t opening and I wasn’t dilating,” Kate said, according to the Glasgow Daily Record.

“I was in labor. My contractions were two to five minutes apart, and I couldn’t feel anything. The doctor said I could go home, but it was such a pain in the butt to get to the hospital because we were being stalked by photographers… I was like, ‘I am not going home, just don’t want to do this again. Let’s just have a C-section.'”

Seven years later, Kate Hudson delivered her second son vaginally.

Given her first child’s birth story, Kate Hudson probably meant her “lazy” comment for her situation only and not as a slam against all mothers who have a Cesarean delivery. A C-section is a major surgery with weeks of recovery and is far from a lazy experience for anyone, no matter what the circumstance.

Check out some of the Twitter reaction to Kate Hudson’s “lazy” C-section remark.

Kate Hudson has not publicly responded to the backlash about her C-section comment.

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