McDonald’s Denies Using Trick With Fries To Deceive Customers

A couple of people claiming to be past employees of McDonald’s posted accusations online that they were taught to deceive the customers when it came to the number of fries they received. One of the accusers said that out of the many customers he served, only one person called him on it.

The so-called past employees posted their claims on Reddit, and as with anything else online, word gets around. McDonald’s offered their thoughts on these claims and from what Fox News reports, McDonald’s “isn’t buying it.” They believe these claims are “fictional,” which was conveyed in a statement from the fast-food chain.

It seems this all started when one Reddit user, ExperiMENTALbunny, posted a blurb about what he was directed to do while working in the past for McDonald’s. He said he was told by his manager to “pinch” the container “just right” when filling it with French fries. He claims this practice made the container look like it had more fries than it actually did, according to Fox News.

He also said that he never heard a complaint from customers until one man poured his fries out of his bag on the counter and filled the container back up. When he did that the fries only filled half the container. What this past employee did next was to give the customer more fries. This person making the claim said he was both “impressed” and “embarrassed” that the man did this.

This Reddit user finished his story off by saying it has been seven years since this occurred and “I can still see his face.” Apparently, this story prompted another Reddit user to make a similar claim saying that he hated that practice when working at McDonald’s.

According to the Mirror, the practice entails pinching the bottom of the carton while filling it up with fries. The Mirror explains this was said on Reddit under a question asked, “What did your job ask you to hide from customers?” Pinching the container for McDonald’s fries was how the first past-employee of McDonald’s answered that question on Reddit. McDonald’s is one of the most prevalent first jobs for a teen, so there seems to be a lot of comments online about working at the fast-food giant, as seen below in the tweet.

The second Reddit user to make a claim about the “pinching” practice said that he was defiant and didn’t follow the directions to pinch the container for the fries. He also added that he was never fired for not obliging his manager under this request. This Reddit user claimed to have a following of customers asking what shifts he was working so they could have him filling up their fries.

The names of these two people claiming to be past employees of the fast-food giant are not known and neither is the McDonald’s location or locations at which they supposedly worked. They never really divulged just how the container was “pinched” to deceive their customers.

A couple of other people chimed in on Reddit, also claiming to be past employees of McDonald’s to say that they never heard of such a practice. One person identifying themselves as a past McDonald’s worker said they would “overfill” the container with fries.

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