‘Little Couple’ Family Safe As Hurricane Irma Rages: Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, And Kids Secure In Florida

The arrival of Hurricane Irma in Florida left millions of people scrambling over the weekend, including Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein of TLC’s The Little Couple. The family recently needed to evacuate their new home, and Jen has been sharing updates with her fans along the way. What’s the latest?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein moved away from Houston, Texas, over the summer so she could take a new job at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Little Couple stars shared their heartbreak over the devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Houston as that situation played out, noting that their old neighborhood sustained significant damage.

However, their new home was soon under threat as well as Irma headed toward Florida. As St. Petersburg became a potentially dangerous place to stay, Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey headed to her parents’ home in northwestern Florida. Arnold shared updates via social media as they made the long drive, and once they arrived, she posted additional tidbits.

Arnold said that they got to her parents’ house at about 4 a.m. after their long drive, but she noted that her aunt and uncle were staying in St. Petersburg. In fact, Jen shared that her aunt and uncle’s home was facing a bigger threat than the new home the Little Couple stars just moved into, so Arnold’s family was staying at her home throughout the duration of Hurricane Irma’s chaos.

Jen sent her well wishes to everybody in central Florida and anywhere in the path of the hurricane, including others along the coast, hoping that everybody stays safe. Little Couple fans who followed Arnold and Klein’s journey across Florida via social media know that Will and Zoey seemed to do well in their car seats over the many hours of travel, and it looks like they were able to relax and have some fun once they got to “Nai Nai” and “Grandba’s” house.

An additional post from Jen on Sunday morning asked for people to keep everybody in Irma’s path in their prayers, including her family remaining in St. Petersburg. In addition, Arnold detailed that Will and Zoey were doing great as they waited out the storm in a safe area of Florida. Both the path and intensity of Irma have shifted over the past couple of days, but many areas of the state are still facing high winds and torrential rains.

It sounds as if Bill and Jen will stay put with the kids for at least a few days, waiting until things fully settle down again before returning to St. Petersburg. Little Couple fans are anxious to hear more about how the family’s former home in Houston is doing now after Harvey, and everybody hopes the new place in Florida holds up well throughout this current weather situation.

Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein are finally returning to TLC next week with new episodes of The Little Couple. These hurricane-related adventures will not be a part of the new season, as these upcoming shows were filmed prior to the move to Florida from Texas. However, previews tease that there are plenty of fun excursions for the family ahead, and fans will not want to miss any of the upcoming action.

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