‘Kevin Can Wait’ Season 2 Spoilers: Widowed Kevin Turns Into SuperDad As Donna’s Death Remains A Mystery

Kevin Can Wait will return for its second season minus one matriarch. Donna Gable (Erinn Hayes) will be killed off as part of a “creative reset” for the show, and now producers plan to focus on widowed dad Kevin Gable’s (Kevin James) life as a single parent in the new season. New Kevin Can Wait spoilers reveal that Kevin will drive his family “a little crazy” as he gets a little too involved in their lives.

In a new interview with TV Line, Kevin Can Wait executive producer Rob Long revealed that Kevin will turn into “super dad” when the show picks up about a year after the death of Donna. Daughter Kendra’s (Taylor Spreitler) wedding is still waiting in the wings, so in the Season 2 premiere, titled “Civil Ceremony,” the dad of three will step up to “deliver the wedding that his dead wife and daughter had been planning for years.” However, he’ll also have to do it in “about 48 hours” to ensure that his future son-in-law, Chale (Ryan Cartwright), isn’t deported over an issue with his visa renewal.

James’ longtime King of Queens co-star Leah Remini will return as Vanessa Cellucci, the character she played in the Season 1 Kevin Can Wait finale. It turns out Vanessa knows a thing or two about quickie wedding planning, and she also “knows a guy in immigration.” Vanessa is also looking for a partner in her struggling security business, and Kevin needs a job, so it looks like they will be spending a lot of time together in Season 2.

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While the Kevin Gable character seems to be moving on after the death of his wife, don’t expect to find out how Donna died anytime soon. Kevin Can Wait executive producer Rock Reuben told TV Guide that while Donna’s cause of death isn’t a big secret, it’s also not a storyline producers felt the need to address — at least not yet, anyway.

“It’s not a big secret, it’s just not something we’ve dealt with yet,” Reuben told TV Guide.

“We’re coming up about a year later, the family is pulling itself back together. If it becomes necessary for a story, we’ll do it, but otherwise, we’re going to kind of — the show is about moving forward.”

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Not only will producers not explain Donna’s cause of death right away, but they also haven’t even decided on a definitive reason for the character’s death.

“We have a bunch of different ideas, but until it’s something that’s story related or story germane, I don’t think we’ll [say how it happened],” Long told TV Guide.

For more on Kevin Can Wait’s new season, see the video below.

Kevin Can Wait returns for Season 2 on Monday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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