‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Announced Baby Roloff’s Arrival? Fans Think So

Little People, Big World fans buckle up. It seems baby Roloff has arrived and an announcement could soon be made.

Audrey Roloff was overdue until last weekend, leaving LPBW fans on the watch for baby news, anxious. Audrey and Jeremy had announced in February that they were having a baby girl. If the excitement that the arrival of Tori and Zach Roloff’s son Jackson had triggered among LPBW fans is an indication, the newest addition is likely to break the internet again. Tori gave birth to Jackson through a scheduled C-section in May. Jackson’s eagerly-awaited arrival was announced two days after his birth, ending a brief period of suspense and speculation. The toddler is expected to be featured on a new season of Little People, Big World that premieres on Tuesdays this month. It seems fans are going through all of that again with Jeremy and Audrey’s baby.

Early on Monday, several fans on the media-watch for baby news from the Roloffs reported sighting a post on matriarch Amy Roloff’s page that announced the birth. However, at the moment, Amy’s page does not appear to have the post. Fans suspect the post was deleted as the announcement was ill-timed. That did not stop from congratulatory messages flooding the Roloff family members’ inboxes.


“Sunday, yes. Amy announced it on her Facebook,” affirmed another comment in the above thread.

“Awww!, Yes I saw it too!, Grandma Amy couldn’t wait to share the Good News!, I wouldn’t be able to either…!!” reads a comment from a fan.

A possible delay in announcement of the latest addition to the Roloff family is not surprising. An announcement soon after the birth may have been expected as Audrey is known to regularly share updates with Little People, Big World fans.

The delay in baby Roloff’s arrival has also had fans concerned for her health. Adding to it, Jeremy Roloff reportedly posted an image showing his pregnant wife in the hospital and later deleted it. Audrey’s last post on Instagram about two days ago suggest they were waiting.

If those who spotted Amy’s Facebook post are correct, baby girl Roloff arrived on Sunday.

Besides news of the baby’s arrival, Little People, Big World fans are also asking Roloff family members what Jeremy and Audrey plan on calling their first born. The couple has said it has listed options but will not decide on a name until the baby arrives.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]

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