WWE Officials Forced AJ Styles To Make One Major Change After Signing With The Company

For years, the WWE Universe wondered if The Phenomenal One would ever perform inside a WWE ring. A lot of people wanted to know if AJ Styles could be as successful in WWE as he had been for TNA Wrestling, New Japan, and everywhere else. When AJ Styles finally debuted during the 2016 Royal Rumble match, as excited as the fans were to see him inside a WWE ring, many of them were also very concerned about him.

There’s a perception that WWE officials have a history of “burying” talents from other promotions who have created a name for themselves outside of the company. The WWE Universe didn’t want to see that happen to AJ Styles. Almost two years later, it’s clear that he was allowed to be himself with WWE. However, The Phenomenal One revealed during an interview with Hindustan Times that he did make one major change.

“I never changed my style with respect to how my wrestle. The only difference was that WWE has a lot more cameras facing you than the independent circuit, but I think that was just a learning curve that you need to go through and it has really helped me.”

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In the past, a lot of performers may be great wrestlers inside the ring, but they have had trouble adapting to the “WWE style” of performing for the cameras. There’s an adjustment period some performers need to have before they can be showcased properly on Raw or SmackDown Live. NXT made the learning process much easier for many performers, but AJ Styles skipped over NXT and went straight to the main roster. He had been working television for most of his career. It seems that even AJ needed to adjust to WWE’s style.

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Aside from learning some new tricks, AJ Styles’ run with WWE has been extremely successful. A couple of years ago, the idea of him wrestling inside a WWE ring was a fantasy. Within two years of debuting for the company, Styles has been the featured in great matches, been the U.S. Champion, and the WWE Champion.

The Phenomenal One isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either. At 40-years-old, Styles seems to be performing at the apex of his career. When Styles makes the decision to hang up his boots for good, there is no question Allen Jones will be considered one of the elite performers to ever step inside a wrestling ring.

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