‘Kingdom Hearts’ Mobile Game Adds Disney Tsum Tsum Events For Limited Time

Disney’s popular stackable Tsum Tsum characters are joining the battle against the Heartless this month in a Kingdom Hearts Union χ[CROSS] special event. Through the limited-time festivities, players can participate in a new Tsum Tsum-themed raid and collect new Tsum Tsum Medals and rewards.

Limited-Time Tsum Tsum Event

There are three distinct opportunities to get some Tsum Tsum in your Kingdom Hearts Union χ[CROSS] game this month. You can collect them all as follows.

New Tsum Tsum Medals

Until September 21, players can collect four new “Mickey & Pals” Medals. One medal features Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy, and Minnie Mouse in their classic outfits. Minnie and Mickey team up in another Medal, while Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and Tiger are featured in their own Medal as well. Kingdom Hearts fans who’ve always wanted to see what Sora and Riku would look like with the Tsum Tsum treatment can also collect a Medal with the duo wielding their little keyblades. They can be obtained (for a limited time) by performing a 10 Medal draw. During the event, each draw is guaranteed to yield at least one Tsum Tsum Medal.

Tsum Tsum Rewards

From September 11 until September 24, Tsum Tsum rewards (including Avatar parts) can be earned by completing special event quests. These events will introduce “Tsum Tsum Heartless” as an enemy in battle. Completing these quests may also give the player some rewards that aren’t limited to the event, including Jewels.

Tsum Tsum Raid

From September 18 through September 24, an event-themed Raid will become available for players to team up with their friends in battle. Defeating the massive Heartless Tsum Tsum Raid Boss will reward players with Raid Coins that can be exchanged for new avatar parts. A free avatar piece featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy will also become available as a bonus just for logging in sometime during the event.

New Kingdom Hearts Union χ[CROSS] Avatar Pets

Later in the month, Union χ[CROSS] is scheduled to introduce new companion pets for your avatar. Several different pet types are in the works along with other customization options. Plus, each Pet has the ability to help the player in battle. When the update goes live, all players are able to score 3,000 Jewels as a login bonus.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Cross

If you are unfamiliar with the popular plush toy craze, Tsum Tsum are cute versions of Disney characters that come in small, medium, and large sizes. Although cylindrical in shape, they have a flat top and bottom for easy stacking. Like many Disney collectibles, some of the plush characters are only available for a limited time and the rarity of some Tsum Tsum merchandise has made it a hot item among Disney collectors.

If you become a Tsum Tsum fan during the Kingdom Hearts event, you can also enjoy the adorably deformed versions of Disney characters through the LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game as well. It’s a puzzle game where players can collect many of the various Tsum Tsum as well as scenes from their favorite Disney movies. Each character isn’t just cute, either, as they all have a skill that can be used to offer the player multiple ways to enjoy the game.

The Kingdom Hearts Union χ[CROSS] mobile game can be downloaded and played for free on Apple and Android devices. It was called Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[Key] when the global version of the game made its debut last year. To see a preview of the game, watch the trailer below.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]