Barbara Walters’ Health Reportedly Declining, Sources Say TV Personality Afraid To Leave Home

Barbara Walters is arguably one of the most notable names in television. From news to views, she has had her hand in everything for the last several decades. Walters was always one of the first to be offered high-profile interviews, with plenty of them airing on 20/20. When she decided to go out on a limb and create The View, no one would have guessed what a phenomenon it would become. Barbara has not been seen at the table with the ladies in a long time, and that has made fans worry.

Several months ago, rumors circulated that Barbara Walters was gravely ill. That was quickly put to rest. Over the last few weeks, the talk about her health has resurfaced, this time with different results. According to TMZ, Barbara Walters is showing signs of aging and is worried about falling. She reportedly doesn’t want to leave her home for fear she will fall, and she isn’t accepting any visitors. There are a select few that Walters is allowing to see her, people she has known for quite some time and considered to be in her inner circle. It was also said that she is becoming more forgetful and confused, which is something that has been hinted at for several months now.

Some of the things that fans have brought up about Barbara Walters have mostly centered around her lack of appearances on The View. She missed several important milestones for the show recently. Last year, the show celebrated 20 years on the air, and Walters was not there to celebrate. Many found that odd, but the public was assured she was doing okay. This year, Whoopi Goldberg celebrated 10 years on The View, and Barbara didn’t appear or send a message either.

Details surrounding Barbara Walters’ health are being kept under lock and key. She hasn’t been photographed by the paparazzi in several months, and there hasn’t been much news about her either. This is highly unusual for someone like her. Walters used to be the woman everyone was looking for, especially when big news was breaking. If the rumors about her health are true, there will be many sad people.

There is hope in the coming days that Barbara Walters, or someone from her camp, will release a statement regarding how she is doing. That is what happened last time these rumors circulated, which put people at rest. Walters has been open in the past about her health struggles, but this time, there has been no comment. With all of the years she spent in the public eye, it may be time for her to settle into a more normal lifestyle now.

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