Christian Siriano Brings Diversity To The Runway In A Fully Inclusive Show

With New York Fashion Week underway and designers showing off the new collections for the upcoming year, much of the focus tends to be on the things that are of most interest to consumers, such as the patterns and fashion technology that will impact the next year. However, when it come to one designer, Christian Siriano, the runway is about more than just showing off the latest designs. For the designer it is all about inclusivity and diversity.

As USA Today reports, this year for his runway show at New York Fashion Week, Christian Siriano offered up one of his most diverse collections for the spring of 2018. Not only did the designer create a colorful lineup of garments, but he even put his clothes on the most diverse range of models. In his runway show, Christian Siriano had a transgender model, males, females, thin models, and plus size models, even the skin tones among his models was diverse.

With his 2018 spring collection, Siriano’s models represented the broader world around him, and of course the countless people who love and wear his designs. While backstage, the designer explained that when it came to his newest collection, that it is simply “about just being beautiful.”

Christian Siriano explained that the idea behind the collection was his feeling that “there are no rules anymore.” He said that no matter where a person comes from, what they are or even who they are, he believes that “you can feel beautiful in whatever clothes you want to wear.”

As the runway show kicked off, one of the designer’s veteran models, Coco Rocha kick started the show in a design that seemed to be made especially for her. From there, Christian Siriano’s runway show truly took a diverse and inclusive turn, according to Refinery 29.

After Coco Rocha took the runway, it was Austin K. in an outfit that was described as being “gender carefree.” Then there were the curvy models, and as the show progressed, Christian Siriano’s inclusive runway show showcased transgender model Avie Acosta, followed by male model Joel Wolfe.

As the press release for the fashion show revealed, the designs that were showcased were said to be inspired by the idea of a “fantasy greenhouse.” The overall premise of this greenhouse approach was to show that “all the different plants and flowers” found within are able to “come to life in the most romantic and beautiful way.”

While there are plenty of presentations of fashion throughout the month, and especially during New York Fashion Week, rarely do the shows stand out quite as much as Christian Siriano’s. With an audience that was not only taking pictures of the models and their outfits as they came down the runway, but also dancing and laughing as well, this runway show was all about bringing people together through fashion and design.

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