Kristen Bell Saves Josh Gad And Jennifer Carpenter’s Families By Finding Them Shelter Ahead Of Storm

Kristen Bell will be braving out Hurricane Irma in Orlando, but she won’t be alone. The actress announced on Instagram that she could not evacuate in time, so she’d be sticking out the storm. Kristen is in Orlando shooting her new Netflix film, Like Father, and will be shacking up at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort when Irma passes through.

Kristen let her followers know on Instagram yesterday that she would be braving out the storm in Orlando. She said she and her Like Father friends didn’t have the option of leaving, so they began stocking up on goods and prepped for the storm. She mentioned she was trying to help everyone she could, and saw the good in people during such a tough time. It was only a few hours before she would make some potential life-saving gestures.

Yesterday, Kristens Frozen co-star Josh Gad posted a touching tweet about his buddy saving his family who was in a dangerous path of the hurricane. The Huffington Post reported that among Gad’s family members were his parents, brothers, sister-in-law, niece, and nephews. Gad’s family were stranded in their home state in houses that may or may not have been able to weather the storm. Kristen was able to get them a room at the Disney resort she was in, in a safer area and safer building.

Superhero Kristen didn’t stop there. Dexter actress Jennifer Carpenter also took to twitter to thank Kristen for getting her mother and grandmother a room at the same resort. Jennifer’s mom and grandma were stuck in Tampa and were prepared to squat in a closet with pillows and bike helmets to protect themselves.

Jennifer expressed how difficult it was to find a safe haven for her family, noting “We exhausted every resource we could think of with no luck to move them east.” After seeing Gad’s post on Twitter, Jennifer decided to reach out to her pal to see if her family could squeeze into the hotel. Kristen responded to Jennifer within minutes. Some of Kristen’s co-stars and coworkers from Like Father decided to double up in rooms, so Jennifer’s family would have a space of their own.

Both families are now safe and sound in Orlando with Kristen, but Irma is still on her way. Orlando is a much safer location than Tampa and most other parts of Florida. The large group definitely has a battle ahead of them, but can breathe a sigh of relief for the new shelter and have Kristen to thank!

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