‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Phyllis Plans To ‘Fix It’ — Is She Setting A Pregnancy Trap For Billy?

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers state that after Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) commits herself to helping Jack (Peter Bergman) bring down Brash & Sassy, she still feels she has to take additional steps to prevent herself from losing Billy (Jason Thompson) to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). She is becoming increasingly worried about the growing bond between Billy and Victoria as they work together to ward off the onslaught from Jack and his company, Jabot Cosmetics.

Phyllis Is Desperate

Phyllis fears that she is losing Billy because he is spending more time with Victoria lately. It seems to Phyllis that she is losing her grip on Billy while Victoria is tightening hers on him.

Her growing sense of desperation is increased by the fact that each time she confronts Billy and complains that he is spending more of his time with Victoria, he simply denies that he is trying to revive their relationship. He insists there is nothing remarkable about his closeness with Victoria because they share responsibility for their children.

Phyllis mulls over her predicament and decides that she needs to take other steps besides helping Jack wage war against Brash & Sassy. She concludes that Victoria has an unfair advantage over her because she has been married to Billy and has children with him.

Y&R spoilers for the Tuesday, September 8, according to SheKnows Soaps, state that Phyllis tells Hilary that she is an outsider to the relationship between Victoria and Billy because she doesn’t “have what they have,” but she adds, ominously, that she has a plan to “fix it.”

What Does Phyllis Plan To “Fix”?

Y&R buzz suggests that Phyllis could be planning to set a pregnancy trap for Billy. Y&R spoilers for Tuesday, September 8 tease that Victoria seizes an opportunity to make a move to “freeze Phyllis out.” Billy and Victoria share private moments and Phyllis feels left out in the cold, according to spoilers from Soap Central.

“I’m the outsider, I’ll never have what they have, and I’m going to fix it.”

Phyllis might acknowledge that she would never become Billy’s wife, but she could scheme to “fix” what Victoria shares with Billy which she doesn’t have.

She could become pregnant with Billy’s baby, Y&R buzz suggests.

Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of September 18, according to SheKnows Soaps, tease a steamy week for Billy and Phyllis, presumably as part of Phyllis’ plan to “fix” the “unfair situation.”

A Pregnancy Trap Could Backfire

Phyllis might think that having a baby with Billy would enhance the security of her relationship with him relative to her rival, Victoria. However, she could be wrong about it. It is clear that while Billy often uses passionate sessions with Phyllis to make up with her after spending so much of the week with Victoria, he has no plans for a baby with Phyllis.

Phyllis would have to dissimulate and implement her plan carefully because if Billy catches on her strategy it could backfire seriously. Billy would resent the thought that Phyllis is trying to use pregnancy to trap him into a more committed relationship.

Young and the Restless fans will recall that Phyllis has used a similar tactic in the past. She successfully set a pregnancy trap for and married the rock star Danny Romalotti, who met Phyllis as a groupie in New York City. Phyllis, then an obsessed fan, stalked Danny, drugged him and slept with him, and then later claimed that she was pregnant with his child, although it appears that she was already pregnant when she slept with him.

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