‘BB19’ News: Josh Talks To Live Feeders, Calls Out Paul, Says Fellow Houseguests Are ‘Snakes’ [Video]

Although veteran Big Brother player Paul Abrahamian has been manipulating most of the BB19 houseguests to do his bidding for a majority of the season, one previously loyal cast member is starting to see Paul’s game in a new light and is questioning the bearded housemate’s motives.

Saturday night, after having a long conversation with Paul and Christmas Abbott about their next game move, current BB19 Head of Household (HOH) Josh Martinez made his way upstairs to be alone and began talking to live feeders about Paul and this season of Big Brother.

As Josh lay in bed, he looked at the live feed camera above him and began venting. He said he has supported Paul’s game in the house, but now Paul is “literally putting all the blood” on Josh and Christmas. Josh surmised that each of the evicted jury members has no animosity towards Paul due to his manipulation of the game. He noted that Paul orchestrated most of the moves made in the house just so he could “secure jury votes” and win BB19, and in doing so placed the “heat” on Josh.

Josh continued, stating the following.

“Christmas is so naïve… She’s literally eating everything he [Paul] says. They don’t even let me speak… Now I can’t take a shot… He won the veto. Now I have to go to final three with them. But… he thinks that he’s going to go out with his hands clean and I might just blow up this f****** house… I protected those two, I’ve had their back…They think that I’m stupid.”

See video below of Josh speaking to live feeders about Paul and his game (Warning: Video contains strong language).


As he became more agitated, Josh went on talking, telling live feeders that he doesn’t understand how Christmas has not been able to “connect the dots” and see right through Paul’s manipulation. He said Paul is forcing Josh to turn on him and take a shot at getting him out of the game.

Josh admitted that if he can, in the final HOH competition he will take Paul out. In addition, he vowed to expose the Big Brother 19 alliance he, Paul, and Christmas have had when he gives his final speech to jury members.

Josh said he’s in a “house full of snakes,” according to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, and stated he is not one of them, noting he’s played a fair and honest game. He confessed he’s been on to Paul’s game “for weeks” and thinks Christmas is being played by the BB18 veteran.

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