‘BB19’ Houseguest Speaks Out On His Desire To Be A Christian, Reason He Isn’t Will Shock And Insult You

BB19 live feed viewers have seen Paul Abrahamian in many conversations where he is sharing his wisdom with the other houseguests. He has shared his thoughts on life in the Big Brother house as well as life post-Big Brother. He obviously feels that his knowledge is greater than the other houseguests.

The following will contain spoilers for BB19. If you don’t want to know what may make the show, stop reading now.

Paul and Alex had a conversation yesterday afternoon that caused quite a stir on social media. He shared that he believes that God cares about humans as a whole, but not as individuals in their daily lives. Paul also believes that the only way to be more in touch with the afterlife is to be in an altered state of mind, like when high on drugs.

He told Alex that his parents are Christian and he wishes he could be as well. According to Joker’s Updates, he feels that he isn’t ignorant enough to believe in Christianity. Paul feels that Jesus was only a philosopher. He came to these conclusions as he began to question religion and learned of other religions beyond Christianity. He does give credit to a Philosophy class he took that opened his eyes and turned him from Christianity.

Religion and politics are always controversial topics and Paul spent 49 minutes discussing his thoughts, beliefs, and non-beliefs as he said that no one should be insulted for their religious beliefs. Of course, he had already said that he wasn’t ignorant enough to believe in the religion his parents raised him in.

BB19 fans on social media were put off by his statements. To agree to disagree is always fine, to respect that others may not share your beliefs, but have their own is how most secure adults handle things. While fans on social media weren’t upset that Paul doesn’t believe in Christianity, they were very vocal about his comment implying Christians are ignorant. These are the same BB19 fans that have now spent two summers cheering Paul on in the Big Brother house.

How do you feel about Paul’s statements about ignorance and Christianity? Do you think America would have voted to give him a prize from the Den of Temptation had they known this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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