John Mayer’s ‘White Supremacist D***’ Days Behind Him? Nicki Minaj Flirty Exchange Heats Up Twitter

Metro reports that John Mayer sent a flirty tweet to Nicki Minaj this week and she sent him one right back.

John Mayer raised eyebrows years back when he told an interviewer he has a “David Duke d***” and is not attracted to black women.

Mayer must make an exception for Nicki Minaj because he has now tweeted that he spends a large amount of time every day thinking about Nicki.

John revealed that he agonizes over whether Minaj would like him or not.

Nicki Minaj referenced a John Mayer track title when she wrote back.

“Would my body be your wonderland?” Nicki wrote.

Mayer seemed shocked to receive a reply, let alone such a flirty one. He wrote, “Please hold, losing my sh**. This isn’t my reply yet.”

The heartthrob has yet to send another reply, though he has sent out a few unrelated tweets, including one sending love to Florida, since the Nicki exchange.

Perhaps John plans to DM Nicki and keep his final response away from the public’s eyes.

People had not forgotten about Mayer’s “white supremacist d***” comment. Tweeters sent out thoughts and graphics reminding him of the infamous interview.

Mayer talks about his controversial Rolling Stone interview, as well as his approach to songwriting and his musical influences, in the documentary Someday I’ll Fly.

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Mayer says that he was hyper-aware that he was talking to a rock’n’roll oriented publication so he felt like he had to say edgy and sexual things that he didn’t really mean.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘well this is Rolling Stone. You have to give a Rolling Stone interview, and that’s the miscalculation. When you’re open because you think you have to be — but not honest — that’s when you start sort of free-associating garbage.”

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Mayer also reveals that he became obsessed with his own press at one point, compulsively checking the daily news and social media commentary about himself as well as agonizing about whether it was positive or negative and what steps he could take to improve his position. He revealed that he would try to outsmart paps, journalists, and photographers, getting involved in scrapes and witty exchanges with some of them.

“I became involved involved in what I call, like, the celebrity day trade… how am I doing today?”

Mayer’s alleged Twitter obsession was a source of contention with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, who complained that he neglected her and spent all his time trying to outdo his last witty remark on the platform. Aniston revealed that he would claim to be too busy with work to spend time with her, but she would blow Mayer’s cover when she spotted him on social media all night sending out jokes, reflections, and witticisms.

Mayer had a candid exchange with TMZ after breaking up with Aniston. Mayer praised the actress, then declared “I don’t want to waste anyone’s time,” prompting speculation that the unlucky-in-love actress was putting pressure on her younger beau to commit to her and perhaps start a family.

Mayer’s wonderful Battle Studies album is said to be about his breakup with Jennifer Aniston. Mayer has also dated Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

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