‘My 600-lb Life’ Assanti Brothers Update: Steven Demands Cash, Then Attacks Justin In Shocking Email Thread

Everybody has a bully, a person that makes them feel uncomfortable. A person that can ruin a perfectly good day. For My 600-lb Life star Justin Assanti, this bully would be his older brother, Steven. In a shocking revelation in Justin’s personal Facebook page, the reality TV star shared a string of emails from his brother, and they are pretty appalling.

In a lot of ways, Steven has been behaving as well as he can in social media. So far, he has been pretty focused on his cooking, sharing otherwise healthy recipes to his Facebook followers. The My 600-lb Life star even uploaded an updated photo of himself recently, which seemingly indicating some weight loss, at least on his upper body and face. Overall, Steven’s online activity all but shows a man who is recovering from obesity, and is embracing a far more positive outlook on life.

As it turned out, however, these were mostly an act. While Steven has been behaving very well in his own social media pages, his actions toward his brother have been pretty much the same. That is, Steven still treats Justin with a lot of contempt.

Justin’s personal Facebook page is quite unlike his brother’s. While Steven’s profile is all about himself and his cooking projects, Justin’s social media presence is largely focused on his thriving hobby business. Justin posts updates about his life from time to time, but he does it on a far lesser frequency than his older brother.


Recently, however, Justin broke his Facebook routine and shared Steven’s latest emails to himself. According to Justin, his older brother had been asking for money recently. In true Steven Assanti fashion, the My 600-lb Life star began threatening and attacking his younger brother when he did not immediately get what he wanted.

Justin further stated that the emails he shared were just the latest batch of abuse he received from his brother, indicating that there are far more. Here are some of Steven’s threats to Justin.

“Cops will be at your door. I’m tired of being piss poor here. This is ridiculous. F*** you.”

“Now, you watch what I’m gonna go. You gotta surprise coming your way.”

“On nana’s soul. The police will be there. I will make sure you guys lose everything. I got enough evidence. On my life, you’re f*****.”

During Justin’s Reddit AMA earlier this year, the younger Assanti brother revealed that he has been experiencing a significant amount of abuse from Steven since they were children. In one particularly disturbing revelation, Justin stated that when he was about 5-years-old, Steven grabbed his hand and slammed a door on it, which gave him a permanent scar on his finger.


If Steven’s emails to Justin Assanti are any indication, it seems like the My 600-lb Life star is still reveling in the torment of his younger sibling.

[Featured Image by Steven Assanti/Facebook]

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