Birth Or Courtship At Kendra & Joe Duggar Wedding? Friend Describes ‘Surprises,’ ‘Spoilers’

Kendra Caldwell and Joe Duggar were married Friday, and according to a friend who attended, viewers can expect “special surprises” when the episode airs on TLC. In the past, surprises from the Duggar family have included new courtships, engagements, and pregnancies. In this case, the surprise sounds very familiar to those who watched Joy Anna’s wedding to Austin Forsyth in May.

It’s not easy to keep secrets when they take place at events with massive audiences, like a Duggar wedding. People reported that Joe and Kendra Duggar’s wedding party alone was made of of nearly two dozen members — although, to be fair, that number could almost be achieved by Joe’s siblings alone.

Though all the details of Joe’s wedding haven’t been released yet, the Duggar Family Blog describes his sister Jinger’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo in November as including nearly 1,000 guests. If Joe and Kendra’s wedding was anywhere close, that’s a lot of people to keep a secret.

However, it’s not Jinger’s wedding, but Joy Anna’s to Austin Forsyth in May, that comes to mind when “surprises” are mentioned, especially with relation to Joe and Kendra — that’s where Joe proposed. When Joy Anna had gathered attendees for the bouquet toss, instead of throwing it, she handed it directly to Kendra, after which Joe knelt and proposed.

That’s probably why one blogger joked that it would be apt if, when Joe and Kendra cut into their wedding cake, the inside was either pink or blue — with Joy and Austin using the wedding as a gender reveal party.

It’s also why, when an Instagram user going by the screen name BelleBerryCottage announced that there were surprises at the wedding, anyone who follows the Duggar family immediately wondered if someone had used Joe and Kendra’s wedding as an opportunity to announce a new relationship or pregnancy.

“Back home sweet home after a fun and quick trip to Arkansas to play for Joe and Kendra Duggar’s wedding! Congrats to the happy couple! The wedding was beautiful, and there were some fun surprises, but I can’t give any spoilers before it airs on TLC.”

Though we can’t confirm exactly what the relationship between this individual and Joe and Kendra is, there are photos of her from this weekend with Erin Paine, another celebrity fundamentalist in the Duggar social circles, both on her own account and Erin’s, where Erin mentions knowing her for years.

So, what’s the surprise at the wedding? Apparently BelleBerryCottage isn’t ready to say. However, there are currently several of Joe’s siblings who are adults, but haven’t announced a relationship (which they typically do in social media posts and public videos), and at least one who has been married for nearly a year without announcing a pregnancy. By contrast, Joy Anna Duggar Forsyth announced hers this week after only a few short months of marriage.

Aside from Jinger Duggar Vuolo announcing a pregnancy, or one of the other siblings entering a courtship, there’s the possibility that Anna Duggar’s absence from the wedding party was because she’s had her baby. Because of Josh Duggar’s ongoing persona non grata status with viewers, two years after the public discovered the family had kept molestation allegations secret for years while Josh preached about sexual morality, the details of Anna Duggar’s pregnancy have been kept somewhat quieter than is usual for the family’s reproductive details

Alternately, it’s possible the surprise was something from Josh himself — a public statement or announcement of some kind, perhaps regarding his time in rehab or his purported desire to become a public speaker again. Josh’s mere appearance on camera at his sister Jinger’s wedding, after viewers thought he wouldn’t appear on the show again, was a hefty surprise all by itself, for example.

A new relationship might be too much of a secret — when Joseph and Kendra became engaged at Jinger Duggar’s wedding, the family didn’t even try to keep it a secret, instead announcing it immediately. BelleBerryCottage also answered one question about a new courtship on her Instagram page saying the surprise was “nothing like that.”

Still, since births, pregnancies, courtships, engagements, and weddings have been the primary content of Counting On for the past two years, viewers are understandably speculating about exactly what the surprise was at Kendra and Joseph Duggar’s wedding.

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