‘Shoot At Hurricane Irma’ Facebook Event: 52,000 People Interested In Shooting Their Guns At Florida Hurricane

Whereas some Floridians were busy booking flights, battening down the hatches, or buying bottled water and planning to ride out Hurricane Irma, others were cleaning their guns and loading them up with hollow-point bullets. As reported by Yahoo, 22-year-old Ryon Edwards created a Facebook group that encouraged people to shoot into Hurricane Irma in order to alleviate any feelings of boredom or stress as they rode out the dangerous storm. The Facebook event titled “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” is a public event, hosted by Ryon Edwards and Dominic Apostolico. Thus far, 52,000 people are interested in attending the event encouraging folks to shoot at Hurricane Irma, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 10, at 10 a.m.

With Hurricane Irma scheduled to arrived in Florida on Sunday, according to the Telegraph, the “Shoot At Hurricane Irma” Facebook event should represent a way for those who didn’t evacuate to try and blow off some steam. Ryon was shocked that his idea has taken off and become something larger that he anticipated when he came up with the “crazy idea,” which he said “has become something a little out of my control.” However, the thought of firing random bullets into a hurricane is being condemned as a dangerous suggestion.

Graphics are appearing online, allegedly showing how gun owners can shoot into various bands of rain in Hurricane Irma. Other weak points of the hurricane come with the warning “bullets come back, don’t shoot.” However, the entire “masterplan” from Edwards is being called dangerous, with random bullets flying through the storm representing a scary way to enjoy a storm. Ryon’s idea has spurred other Facebook pages that are prompting people to shoot flamethrowers into Hurricane Irma. As seen in the graphic for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, people are asked not to shoot into the hurricane.

The description of Ryon’s Facebook event jokes about a “goofy looking” Hurricane Irma that threatened to pull up on Florida, so Edwards urged people to shoot first, and stand their ground in Florida. It’s not clear how many people will actually take Ryon up on his idea and shoot into Hurricane Irma.

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