Do You Hate Donald Trump? He Knows ‘People Really F***ing Hate’ Him, Says Advisor

Make no mistake about it, Donald Trump knows just how unpopular he is, says one of his advisors. According to Axios, Donald Trump shared the following revelation with an advisor just seven months into his presidency.

“People really f***ing hate me.”

The advisor was not named, and neither was the ordeal that prompted the admission, but it could really be a number of things. Donald Trump is easily the most controversial president in recent history. It’s not likely for even a week to go by without something Donald Trump has said or done to garner criticism from the left and, oftentimes, the right as well.

A recent example would, of course, be Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA, the government policy that has protected illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents as a child since 2012. Up until this week, select immigrants, known as Dreamers, could attain renewable two-year stints of deportation deferment if they met certain stipulations like being in school, having a job, and maintaining a mostly clean criminal record. As of September 5, the government has stopped accepting new applications to the program. And come March 2018, unless Congress votes to repeal his decision, nearly 800,000 immigrants will face deportation.

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Naturally, the public backlash has been fervent. Many feel that uprooting so many people from the only home they’ve ever truly known is cruel. This comes the same week that Donald Trump’s approval rating has reportedly dipped lower than ever. Because of this, Donald Trump may soon turn a new tide, suggests Business Insider.

The article, written by Sonam Sheth, suggests that since Donald Trump has a strong desire to be liked, he may start doing things that will cast him in a more favorable light with the general public, especially Democrats. It goes on to suggest that Trump’s decision to strike a deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, in which he decided to merge Hurricane Harvey relief funds and increase the debt limit for three months, despite opposition from Republicans, was so that he could be “popular.”


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“He just wanted to do something popular. He’s reveling in the coverage, including lavish praise from Morning Joe,” said one senior administration official.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s revelation? Are you one of the people who, in his opinion, really hate him? Do you think that he will amend his approach to the presidency? You can sound off in the comment section below.

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