NFL Player Antonio Cromartie Welcomes 14th Child Despite Getting Vasectomy

NFL fans should take a moment to congratulate Antonio Cromartie who has just brought his 14th child – a baby girl – into the world. According to Yahoo, the NFL player never planned on having so many children as he got a vasectomy after the birth of his 11th child.

Antonio’s wife, Terricka Cromartie, told US Magazine earlier this week the couple were not interested in having any additional children.

“We are 100 percent done! Absolutely, positively done with having kids. We’ve been blessed with these guys, but adding to it, I think, would kill us both!”

Jhett Paxton – the NFL player’s baby girl – was welcomed into the world on August 30th. She weighed eight pounds, two ounces. Antonio and Terricka have been married four nine years and had six children together – including the newest addition. Antonio, however, has fathered eight additional children in previous relationships before settling down with his wife.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for social media to light up with responses and feedback to the birth of Antonio Cromartie’s 14th child. Some used the opportunity to poke fun at the Jets and others joked about how Antonio’s first child must feel knowing they have to share their father’s fortune and success with 13 younger siblings.

It was four years ago – in 2013 – that many media outlets first reported the New York Jets cornerback underwent vasectomy surgery a few years prior in 2011. After his wife gave birth to a set of twins on Mother’s Day of 2016 – Terricka told several news outlets she planned on getting her tubes tied as the couple didn’t want any more children.

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure which prevents sperm from being released. Vasectomies are supposed to be 100 percent effective. Even when a man gets the procedure reversed, the chances of fathering another child are unlikely. According to the American Pregnancy Association, the chances of a woman getting pregnant after her male partner has a vasectomy is less than one percent. So, most find the fact that Cromartie was able to father three children – a set of twins and his newest baby girl – to be extremely shocking.

Baby girl feet [Image By Liudmila Fadzeyeva/ShutterStock]

As Yahoo reminds us, this is the NFL player famously known for struggling to recall the names of all of his children during an interview. Cromartie and his family will appear on a reality show titled The Cromarties on the USA network on November 9th.

Would you like to be the parent of 14 children? Sound off in the comments down below.

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